CMS IT Services: Helping Organizations with Industry-leading Cybersecurity Excellence

Sanjeev Singh,  CEO & MD

Sanjeev Singh


Due to prevailing huge & increasing number of cyber-attacks, the cybersecurity landscape in India is witnessing a rapid surge, driven by escalating digitalization and the imperative to shield sensitive data from cyber threats. The prevalence of cyberattacks and data breaches has spurred investments in cutting-edge security solutions, while regulatory mandates propel the uptake of robust cybersecurity measures. This dynamic environment positions the Indian cybersecurity market for substantial growth, presenting avenues for pioneering technologies and services to counter emerging digital vulnerabilities.

CMS IT SERVICES stands at the forefront of this transformative industry. Founded in 2018 through strategic demergers and acquisitions, the company inherits a storied legacy dating back to 1976. This contemporary iteration seamlessly bonds tradition with innovation, infused with the dynamism of a startup. CMS IT SERVICES is committed to creating value for clients, employees, and shareholders. Renowned as a stalwart IT service provider, cybersecurity forms the nucleus of its comprehensive offerings, reinforcing its pivotal role in the evolving cybersecurity landscape. Cybersecurity consulting services from CMS IT SERVICES encompass a spectrum of expertise, including cyber incident response, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, compliance, and more. Backed by a team of skilled subject matter experts and compliance specialists, CMS IT SERVICES offers cutting-edge solutions such as Extended Detection and Response (XDR),
Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), IoT security, and cloud security through strategic partnerships. The commitment to excellence is exhibited in the company's robust certifications, GDPR compliance, and CERT-In empanelment, underscoring its dedication to providing 24/7 visibility, threat intelligence, and collaborative transformation for clients. “We keep pace with the dynamic landscape through our close alliances with OEMs and tech partners, ensuring the delivery of state-of-the-art solutions aligned with evolving best practices”, adds Sanjeev Singh, CEO & MD.

CMS IT SERVICES' role as a custodian of sensitive data places data privacy and security at the heart of its operations. The company stands as a fortress of GDPR compliance, adhering to the stringent standards set by one of the world's most rigorous data privacy regulations. Employing a comprehensive suite of practices and tools, CMS IT SERVICES upholds data privacy through automated monitoring, reporting, risk mitigation, and ISMS policy enforcement. This commitment extends to every facet of its offerings, reassuring clients that their information is safeguarded with solid diligence.

CMS IT SERVICES harnesses a robust technological framework, merging its internal expertise with strategic partnerships alongside leading cyber security firms and tech providers. This amalgamation of proficiency and tools forms the foundation of its offerings. Further, the company's intrinsic link between cybersecurity and infrastructure management affords it a distinct vantage point, allowing for unparalleled insights and intelligence within clients' architectural frameworks. This unique position translates into a competitive advantage, reinforced by the depth of expertise and tailored solutions that CMS IT SERVICES provides to its clientele.

CMS IT SERVICES currently boasts a workforce of approximately 5,000 plus employees, with a widespread presence across every corner of India. While headquartered in Bangalore, the company maintains a significant foothold in major cities, extending its reach even to smaller towns and districts. This extensive network allows CMS IT SERVICES to effectively manage infrastructure and offer end-user support, ensuring a comprehensive presence that is in close proximity to its client base.

Looking ahead, CMS IT SERVICES plans to bolster its capabilities in key areas - while already excelling in cybersecurity, cloud services, and application development the company is committed to further investing in deepening its competencies in these areas. Geographically, the company recognizes its potential to meet global demand and is actively working on enhancing its capabilities to extend its services to clients on a global scale. This forward-looking strategy is driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that navigate the complexities of an ever-evolving digital landscape.