CNB Technologies: A Catalyst of Enterprise Software

Rajesh Kumar & Nitin Sirohi,Co-Founders & Directors

Rajesh Kumar & Nitin Sirohi

Co-Founders & Directors

Despite being one of the vital segments for any country’s economy, barely anyone from enterprise software industry is seriously concentrating on the port & shipping domainand hence it requires hefty revamping to eradicate the inefficiency in the system. Born as the brainchild of a bunch of professionals from IIT Kanpur, CNB Technologies aims to be the catalyst to solve the problems in the port and shipping industry using real time information to make it more efficient, visible and safe. Having devised a solution needed for the industry from scratch and created an initial market out of it, it has been delivering solution for this crucial industry since 2011. Brushing aside the criticisms, the company created an unprecedented fully automatic solution, which helped it to trounce all its opponents in the souk. Today it has clutched more than 90 percent of the Indian market share and can boast of having the top international companies on its customer list.

HAWK – Ensuring Safety with Complete Automation
Having created a highly advanced solution, the company had created big technical entry barriers for even huge brands, and will continually focus on R&D efforts to elevate the solution to the next level. The company's solution HAWK manages a shipping container yard in real time using various data that it captures automatically while operation. It also deals with complete yard planning to make it efficient, records all the movements happening inside the container yard to make it visible, pedestrian free and subsequently safe. With its unique way of capturing operational data automatically, it avoids human error completely.

In today’s price sensitive world, where people go for a cost effective solution, we have always pitched our solution as most advanced and superior

CNB empowers Real Time Tracking assets, objects and resources, which help in increased visibility of enterprise resources bringing about huge increment in income, effectiveness and profitability. Today, the company provides real time visibility & tracking solutions to clients including APM Terminals, CMA CGM, Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd., Gateway Group, Ameya, Hind Terminal, Apollo Logistics and ICD Loni among others across diverse domains such as Freight Container Tracking in CFS and ICD's,.Concerning its
magnificent products, Rajesh Kumar, Co-Founder, CNB Technologies, says, “In today’s price sensitive world, where people go for a cost effective solution, we have always pitched our solution as most advance and superior. And till date we have not lost even a single customer in competition because of the pricing”.

Ingenious Work Culture

Believing infree mind and innovation, CNB offers ample opportunity to CNBians to play with the latest technologies and engineering. Being a small organization, the company keeps track of almost everyone’s personal problems and tries to help out in whatever means possible. Its highly dedicated and talented workforce focuses on continuous R&D, realizing that unique first-in-industry innovative products are the pillars of its success. Leveraging their ability to understand customer’s pain points and devising a solution to solve the same, CNB’s management team will keep striving to deliver the value to customers, while keeping the financial aspect at bay.

The Road Ahead

CNB aims to automate the complete start and end of the logistic chain by making port, container yard & warehouse more efficient. The company that aspires to preserve its warm work culture is expecting to increase the number of containers using its solution from 25 percent to 70-80 percent in the upcoming years. And CNB hopes that this will probably lessen at least two percent of Indian GDP wastage on logistics.