CodeData Advanced Analytics Solutions: Creativity Meets Intelligence

Prasenjit Guha Thakurta,Founder & CEOAdvancements & innovations have set up a benchmark for the peak point of consumer's patience and expectations. We look for everything to be instant and automatic. Nowadays, people are opting for a faster and automated process and anything that involves manual operations are termed outdated. The scenario best describes `automation' is key for business survival. Prasenjit Guha Thakurta understood this while he was working in the JSW and Steel Industries. After a comprehensive analysis of these terms, he was incited to reimagine the operations of the business with ingenious inventions such as AI & ML. He approached the management bodies of core sectors. His idea was appreciated and this led to the establishment of CodeData Advanced Analytics Solutions Private Limited.

The company was ideated to make real-time predictions and recommendations on business functions. While leveraging benefits & functionalities of the latest technologies, it furnishes data security level through the CLOUD server and the Standalone Local Server. The values of the firm are focused to thrive integrity, innovation, intelligence, and energy. On the whole, CodeData gives a digitally transformative & productivity experience to manufacturers and operators. It is working on deep domain expertise with advanced solutions that directly impact the businesses of customers.

Adding a wide array of solutions to its portfolio, the company has developed "CODAA" to recommend industries with real-time insight & to improve operational efficiency. It is highly secure based on a cloud platform. On the other hand, CODAA-m Mente is based on an Advance analytical platform. Solo CODAA-s is based on the Transactional Management Platform, IPSO CODAA-I is based on Intelligent Mobile Application Platform, ENZO CODAA-e based on Intelligent Mobile Application Platform, ENZO CODAA-e based on Business Service Platform. Also, CODAA content is drafted in multiple languages.
The product module enables systems to manufacture products through economically-sound processes. CODAA uses AI to recommend changes, which enables the system to rapidly adopt smart techniques. The company's services are operating as different modules. Firstly, CodeData Technologies that delivers IT solutions including web development and design, graphic design, e-marketing, mobile application development. It primarily acts as a one-stop solution to diverse problems for all sorts of industries. Secondly, CodeData Consultancy provides consultancy services for IT solutions, Event Management, Tour and Travels, Financial Job Hunting, Legal and Accounts, Logistics and Supply Chain Management & Engineering, Audit, and Real Estates.

"We are going start a CSR activity from the year 2020-2021. We got the inspiration of it from CII. We are also escalating the new digital process on covid 19,” he mentions.

CodeData as a Place to Work
The self-fund company is keen on client satisfaction and has pooled a strong, qualified, high performing team. CodeData upholds all the qualities to be an eminent place to work with a flexible and open work culture it offers to the workforce. With a team that is highly motivated, punctual, dedicated & hardworking, the firm is continuously enhancing its service portfolio with several advancements.

Codedata supported by entities like nasscom & CII in terms of guidance but investments would help it support employees with additional training, add industrial visits to other states and also grow the company

It furnishes a competitive environment for the staff's growth and offers a long-term carrier growth opportunity with the support of the key management. Prasenjit motivates them with a wide room of growth & supports with strong HR policies.

"Employees are assets. Our primary aim is to help them in all the ways possible, but the only hindrance is funds & investments. We have been supported by entities like NASSCOM & CII in terms of guidance but investments would help us support our employees with additional training, add industrial visits to other states and also grow the company," says Prasenjit.

Advantages of CODAA as a Cloud-based Platform
• Comprehensive services for the industry, enabling its clients to focus on their core business activities and development planning.
• Processing large amounts of data to drive real time actions and recommendations.
• Use of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics to handle a large number of activity events in real time and the flexibility to get specific metrics.
• solution through intelligent mobile for tech-savvy workforce.

Prasenjit Guha Thakurta, Founder & CEO
With over two decades of experiences, Prasenjit brings the best possible supply chain with data analysis and onboards business prospects on cross functional platforms. He has been acting the role of leader, entrepreneur and has tried his best to build the paramount team culture with proper training and quality aspirants etc. He also believes in maintaining the synergy of customer's satisfaction and providing good return to potential investors.