Codewave Technologies: Building Disruptive Applications Intended To Mobilize People, And Simplify & Scale Enterprises

Abhijith HK, Founder & CEO

Abhijith HK

Founder & CEO

Enterprises are shifting towards more automation, mobility, smarter collaboration, data informed decision making, artificial intelligence and are increasingly investing in software infrastructure to enable deeper engagement among their employee, customer and partner communities. Enterprise software solutions present a great potential to help scale a business, if designed holistically. Few years back, the market had vendors focusing on either creative services or core technology services; leading to a need for companies offering end to end, design led development services.

With a vision to fulfill the a fore mentioned need, Codewave Technologies, a design led app development company was founded in 2013. Born with a vision to help businesses go digital, Codewave offers services to build aesthetic and reliable solutions, for the web and mobile. The company builds applications on advanced, scalable technologies like MEAN and Ruby on Rails, Android, iOS, Phone gap and also helps businesses with mobile friendly websites and pages for their digital marketing campaigns.
Making technology an insightful enabler

Proactive in tapping opportunities to innovate with technology, the company has built hospital solutions to simplify availing nursing attention and to help doctors make informed treatment decisions. Codewave is currently working with energy companies in designing and developing energy intelligence solutions, which have already started to give an impressive result.

Codewave is currently working with energy companies in designing and developing energy intelligence solutions, which have already started to give an impressive result

With more than 100 apps in its arsenal, the company today serves over 10 different industries in over 15 countries. The upward graph is attributed to Codewave’s team of 40, a mix of designers, product thinkers and developers who work as peers with clients, understand their business, the need for the product and potential impact, post which they design, architect and develop customized solutions.

The team believes the core differentiator to be, in their ability to understand the customer’s vision, solve the problem and share insights to help businesses transition from legacy to more mobile tools. The company has developed unique practices to actively engage the customer and
beta users through out the development journey. The team brings in thought leadership and insights to improve overall product experience, and works with the customer in close feedback loops to stay aligned with the market needs.

The people’s company

The strength of this team sprouts from an ownership-driven environment and a people-centric approach embedded, within the company. The company’s unique performance recognition system defines and aligns individual responsibilities for greater leadership and growth. Their weekly event ‘Codewave Leadership Cafe’ acts as a platform for employees to present talks, share stories and inspire. “We believe in unlocking leadership potential, rising individually and collectively, for us to be able to scale to the next level,” asserts Abhijith HK, Founder & CEO, Codewave.

The team regularly evaluates new design paradigms, technologies and frameworks, by building quick samples and prototypes. The same has moulded Codewave to own the stature of an organization, which not only enjoys high retention and engagement, but also is showered with eminent awards and recognitions that include Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award 2015, Big Bang Award 2013 amongst others.

The company has been customer-funded since its inception and is currently not looking for an external funding, as this enables them to be nimble, moving fast. With bright future in its brace, Codewave envisions scaling up gracefully, keeping the cultural ethos and continuing to nurture organic growth.