Codincity: Steering Businesses Through Cloud-Native Services

Pandi Rajamony,CEOThe post-pandemic era has created the need for companies of all sizes to become Digital in all aspects of their business. There is a never-seen before demand in going Digital across Products, Customer experience, Business processes, Supplier engagement, Marketing, etc. We have dawned into an era where technology has become the driving force and key differentiator for business growth and profitability across all industries.

While Digital spans across several technologies such as AI/ML, blockchain, mobile platforms, 5G, IoT, metaverse, AR/VR and many more, the driving force behind making these technologies easily accessible, affordable, deployable and manageable is Cloud. Cloud services, whether IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, have allowed companies to adopt Digital technologies at a much faster pace to transform their business.

This surge in demand has led to the need for niche/ boutique IT services companies that are specialized in specific domains. Codincity is one such company which is outpacing its peers and growing in the area of Cloud tech with noteworthy speed. It is a tech company at heart, and it reflects when you meet the team, who are spread across three locations in India. Most of them come from deep tech background and also with the perfect execution mindset. The team’s ability to scale is far superior to any other company in their
peer group as they have people who are quite used to building and scaling organizations.

When asked about the company’s differentiators, their CEO, Pandiya Rajamony, talks passionately about a few aspects. First, ready-to-deploy solutions such as codingarage and codinbuilder. Second, the Team, with a family like culture built on mutual trust and respect, which has allowed them to have zero attrition so far in these times of great resignation! And finally, better understanding their Client’s requirements from a business perspective rather than a technology perspective and appreciating every Client is unique and there is no one size fits all approach.

While their focus is on enabling Digital transformation for their customers, they have structured their Cloud services around four capability areas;

Codincity is driving true digital transformation for its clients with its rich set of capabilities and a tech savvy team. They are clearly Coding the Future!

Platform Engineering
Enabling fully automated Cloud platforms with infrastructure-as-a-code and configuration-as-code solutions, architecting and orchestrating container platforms, delivering app to app integrations and event stream integration.

Application Modernisation
Transforming apps to cloud native environment such as Containers or Serverless architecture to reap the full benefits of Cloud.

Operations Engineering
Delivering platform management with observability & telemetry solutions powered by AI/ML and Cloud reliability engineering.

Data Engineering
Establishing Data Lakes on cloud, migrating Data to Cloud and ensuring data integrity.

“One of our objectives is to build Codincity into a significant technology services company over the next several years by putting a strong emphasis on developing technologies that are both game changers and revenue generators for our clients”, concludes Pandi Rajamony.