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Sharmil Mathur,   Managing Director

Sharmil Mathur, Managing Director

The Indian gems and jewellery industry is well established and is recognized all over the world for its craftsmanship and variety. It is a labour intensive industry that not just involves workmanship but a lot of patience and dedication goes into the art of jewellery making. The rising demand for Indian gems and branded jewellery from across the globe is primarily being driven by the increasein per capita income of the consumers and a stronger purchasing power of women. In fact, the sector is now witnessing changes in consumer preferences. Consumers are demanding new designs and varieties and are open to making purchases through the medium of online platforms.

The industry is already seeing an influx of established brands that are helping the market become more organized. Further, the growth in the gems and jewellery sector is likely to be dominated by the increasing penetration of new players. They are expected to not only unleash the potential tocreate new jobs but will also contribute to the economy through voluminous exports. The need of the hour is the support of the concerned authorities and the government to help the new and existing players tap the full potential of the industry. Contributing to this success story is Jaipur based Coloured Rocks Trading Pvt. Ltd.(CRTPL).

A company focused on genuine and reliable products,CRTPL designs beautiful authentic products with competitive prices and high-quality standards.

Sailing against the Wind
Despite such escalating demand, there is a lack of skilled workmen in the industry. Post demonetization, insufficient trained artisans are also willing to join another industry due to better work opportunities in different fields and on the other hand, this industry is feeling scarcity of skilled workmanship. CRTPL took an initiative and trained ladies from slum areas in gemstone cutting and today they are with the company for more than four years and carving beautiful gemstones. Added to this is the genuineness of gemstones and price fluctuations remains a big challenge. In the current market, not only diamonds but gemstones are also mixed with synthetic that lowers the quality of the product. At CRTPL, the team follows a model of mines to market in many stones and connects directly with miners and manufacturers for the right price and cascading the price benefit to customers. “When it comes to the genuineness of gemstones, we get every gemstone tested in an authentic laboratory. Our complete supply chain solution starting from sourcing of great gemstone globally to advising on designs are based on intensive market research. Also, our marketing solutions are based on our successfully proven experience in the European market & USA,” says Sharmil Mathur, Managing Director.
Prior to CRTPL, Sharmil has worked at natural sandstone industry and then in an International NGO. After this, she ventured into the gem and jewellery industry and since there was no looking back. She says, “I was always a keen learner. I think the day we stop learning, our path to grow ends. In my journey, I also understand that it does n’t matter if you have prior experience with a product, you can always learn it but what matters is your passion to perform excels and your honesty towards yourself and all that you dealt with.”

CRTPL is geared up for providing complete gems & jewellery supply chain and marketing solutions to overseas customers and ensure best services in Industry

The Work that Matters
A company focused on genuine and reliable products,CRTPL designs beautiful authentic products with competitive prices and high-quality standards. To ensure the superiority of gemstones, the company houses a strong team of experts and abides by stringent processes. Every team member at CRTPL is through with core principles and vision of the company. They work as self- motivated, self-responsible individuals to achieve the goals. They discuss, plan and put those into action. “It takes a huge effort for the team to create every single piece of jewellery. Everyone gives their best–be it sourcing of gemstones, designing of jewellery, checking of quality to getting everything shipped on time, photographs & promotional movies to checking the authenticity of all product information,” she asserts. In the last nine years, the quality rejection rate has come down from 2.8 per cent to 0.45 per cent. “This is a joyful achievement for the entire team. We continuously strive for improvements in quality to be able to provide a best quality product to our customers. At CRTPL, our team regularly researches on market trends and discuss it with our manufacturing partners for production feasibility. There is also a creative team who constantly works on new trends and also invites product ideas from the team. In coordination and guidance with our UK partners, we all invest our time and energy in creating beauty,” she mentions.

CRTPL provides complete supply chain solutions, right from genuine gemstones to complete Jewellery on best prices and also marketing services through the help of its UK office. It works with 25 factories in India and with some in Thailand and China.

The Success Story
CRTPL has come a long way from where it began. The workforce has increased from 9 to 113, and now it has a bigger supplier base covering India, Thailand, China, Hongkong, Germany, Italy and the UK. Initially, the task was to connect with manufacturers, establishing systems and process for quality and authenticity of all jewellery supplied to buyers. Also, the selection of the right team and establishing a gemstone cutting unit with best experience from industry were a few other challenges that were encountered. However, with perseverance and hard work, the challenges were converted into opportunities and today the company has carved a niche for itself in the industry. “We always believed in our core values, honesty and transparency in all dealings we do with our suppliers and buyers and this is the key of our honest image in the market,” adds Sharmil.
SteveBennett has been the only inspiration for the entire team at CRTPL. Bennett family is the mentor of the group. “We as a group company always enforce ethical sourcing by respecting the mother of nature and planet and people.

CRTPL is geared up for providing complete gems& jewellery supply chain and marketing solutions to overseas customers and ensure best services in Industry. “We invite more companies for a long term association with us and they can feel the difference in the supply. Our expertise in gemstones, quality & merchandising are exemplary and bring benefits to all,” concludes Sharmil on a positive note.

Sharmil Mathur, MD
Sharmil takes care of the entire operations at CRTPL. Her responsibility includes taking care of complete supply chain solutions. It majorly includes devising strategies to make it successful for both, manufacturers and buyers, considering all aspects of business.”I believe in strong teaming a lot and a participatory work process. I always believe in assign, train, run and responsible way of dealing in all projects we do. This makes the project not only successful but the team also learn, enjoy and become more confident to take next responsibility.”

Sharmil believes in grooming today’s managers to tomorrow’s leaders and there are many live examples on same in CRTPL today. “If you are happy coming to office in the morning and love your job, there is a definite reason of you performing the best of yourself. We as a company try to create and keep an environment where all members work as a self-responsible for all the tasks they do,” she informs.

Key People at CRTPL
1.Pawan Maheshwari: Finance Head A Chartered Accountant by profession, Pawan has experience of 18 years and he joined CRTPL in 2012 He takes care of all financial matters of the organization in very cost effective and efficient way

2.Mohammad Iftikhar: Sr. Manager Stone Purchase

Iftikhar joined CRTPL in 2012 as Merchandiser and today heading stone department. He learnt and grew in the organization and today carry a strong understanding of gemstones.

3.Pramod Katara, Sr. Manager - Photography & Movies

A creative Personality associated with CRTPL from 1st day of incorporation. He is heading Photography & Movies department and love his work of capturing beautiful piece of Jewellery and promoting art of stone cutting through his camera expertise.