Comezzo: First-of-its-kind AI-based Omni Channel Marketing Agency

Pawan Gupta,CEO
Team Comezzo

Working for eight years in a corporate sector, Pawan Gupta, a passionate marketing professional decided to turn his vision into a reality. His passion for marketing combined with the extreme entrepreneurial zeal led to the start a company. In 2014,the world of marketing was moving towards blending the message and the sales pitch in the same bucket. That called for innovation. Foreseeing the opportunities and scope for implication on how marketing is done, Pawan conceptualized Comezzo in 2015. “I started consulting for three brands to solve some of the complex marketing problems via innovative techniques, content, data and technology. Within six months of engagement, our hypothesis proved to be right and results were speaking for themselves,” recalls Pawan Gupta,CEO.

For the initial six months, Comezzo ran its business from coffee shops across Gurgaon and Bangalore before taking a full-fledged office space. It started with doing inbound marketing, PR activities and others. Soon it got engaged in solving complex marketing problems. Based on the diverse customer portfolio and requirements, the solutions involved multiple channels, media, technologies and others.

Advocating Strong Content Management Practice
As a 360-degree digital enablement company with content at its forefront,Comezzo strongly
advocates 'Content Marketing Practice', where in it helps companies to generate a deeper connection with their prospective customers by planning, producing and curating engaging content. It also distributes the same across geographies. “We create and promote powerful content that engages the customers, increases brand loyalty and generates revenue,”asserts Pawan.

"Guided by a team of data-driven & innovative thinkers and objectivity in all of our assignments, leveraging strong content processes &technology with seamless execution has led us to grow 300% last year"

First-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence led content marketing company, Evolution of marketing make it highly essential to make data driven decision, however digital world generate significant amount of data, practically impossible for humans to analyse along with fast paced decision making. Hence Comezzo resort to AI based tools for customer intelligence, content intelligence, conversational interfaces, forecasting and other marketing utilities.

Comezzo, helps brands amplify their digital outreach. It adapts itself to the changing market scenario along with acquiring a new set of tools & technology. The company with its AI-enabled platform assist the clients in research; aids them to predict the content trends and performs deep audience profiling for personalized marketing experience. In other words, it is no more of B2B or B2C, it’s all about Human to Human(h2h)marketing, and Comezzo’s Chatbot ensures better funnel conversions.

Guided by a team of data-driven & innovative thinkers, the company brings objectivity in all of its assignments, leverages it with the strong content practice and
seamless execution. With understanding the specific needs of each business and delivering their growth via customized solutions, it combines expertise, process design and technology to render excellent solutions. Some of the company’s core offerings include Content Marketing, Blog Management, Social Media Marketing, Digital PR, Email Marketing, Paid Content Promotion, Media Buying, Video Production, AI-first Content, Creative and others. In addition to this, Comezzo proffers Content Strategy Workshop, Live Blogging(corporate & celebrity events), Bloggers Outreach Program, AI First content, Creatives and more.

Mentioning about the transformation in the marketing technology space, Pawan mentions, “With the evolving shift, our focus is to keep delivering solutions via new tools and technology. We always look for the whole array of tools such as social media, DMPs, AI and then devise & deliver the right solutions to accomplish the clients desired marketing goals.”

The Growth Factor
Bangalore headquartered Comezzo has served 30+ clients since inception. Right from assisting a top sports brand to launch its product line in India, setting up a strong inbound marketing practice for a German building material company via content destination to improving the distribution marketing channel for a Fortune 100 company in Tier 2 cities, Comezzo has done it all. Recently, it has bagged a few marquee clients and has witnessed 3X growth. “We will continue to solve complex marketing challenges with the blend of native technique, creative thinking, data analytics and lead the path ahead,” concludes Pawan, on a positive note.