Constalytics: The Growing Face of Cognitive Banking

Rakhi Chandra,CMO & Co-founder

Rakhi Chandra, CMO & Co-founder

The interconnection of technologies has opened up varied potentials for the industry as a whole. It is as if innovations are taking newer forms with the intermingling of domains. The blend of Artificial Intelligence and Financial knowledge can be well understood through Constalytics hich strives to make cognitive banking a reality. The Constalytics Octopus product connects data from platforms and applications, separated by purpose, geography or organization, into a unified, service-enabled, graph endpoint. Stored as a cohesive and visual model, data can be expressed as the entities, relationships, transactions, and events that tie them together, providing for easy reporting and querying across the enterprise. Constalytics is taking on critical issues like GDPR, Customer Complaints, Anti Money Laundry, and Customer Insights for enterprises. “We focus on Innovation, enable young talent to learn, play and experiment new thinking and incubates new products”, says Anil Saini, CEO.

The Challenges Addressed
Big Data and related technologies
have created disruption in the market with their user friendly and smart interfaces which make business operations more smooth and transparent. But as it stands, the implementation of Big Data technologies & AI and ML applications is different for different organizations. Anil says, “Several tools, techniques and approaches exists today but one size does not fit all. Every business problem brings unique challenges, needs new or different data and requires human interpretation and machine assistance to process for insight.” Constalytics solution brings human in the loop. Moving IT centric data analytics projects to business centric data analysis projects with no code low code approach, the company differentiates itself from its competitors.

"Constalytics 2019 and 2020 priorities are to mature Octopus beta platform and increase client project delivery portfolio"

The digital solutions that it has developed for its clients include CHATBot Alex (with Human in Loop), GLUE (Digital Content Manager and Assistant), Know ROBO (prototype for Knowledge based Robo Advisor), GDRP for Enterprise (UK and Global Data Regulation). “These solution set are disruptive solutions in the global market,” he adds.

Flowing with the Tide
With the seed funding in hand and operational for two years in the market, Constalytics has been able to generate revenue from its product development, client service portfolio and product innovation. The experience and leadership that
forms the matrix of the company and acts as the driving force behind their innovative mindset & work culture. Constalytics’ Mohali office in ITPark provides Silicon Vally like experience to young minds with open office, agile pods and flexible seating. The company is looking to expand business in North America with some fortune 500 clients.

The Road Ahead
Constalytics has got a unique combination of financial services domain expertise which is tightly embedded into their own platform and product framework by using Graphs, AI, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding. In the coming years, team Constalytics envisions becoming a leader in Graph based self service analytics platform and Graph Solutions Provider. For the same, the company is expanding its capabilities, solution sets and partnership as strong foundation to meets its vision. It is further working with smaller client base and developing MVP solutions which they can take to market place with their partners, like GDPR solution development with Neo4j. “Our 2019 and 2020 priorities are to mature Octopus beta platform and increase client project delivery portfolio. We will be seeking more investors, partners and make appropriate investments towards its roadmap,” he concludes.