Contensify: A Niche Content Marketing Agency For Saas Startups

Vanhishikha Bhargava,FounderFrom being seen as an extra business expense, to becoming one of the most important aspects necessary for a brand’s success, marketing has evolved in a very dramatic way. What was once a mere single function has now grown into a full fledged industry with numerous divisions and sub divisions. The advent of digitization, or as it is popularly known ‘Digital Revolution’, further boosted the marketing industry, as it witnessed the birth of a new branch of marketing Digital Marketing. Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of service offerings namely Search SEO, Pay per Click, Social Media Marketing, Email & Mobile Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Affiliate Marketing and more. As a result, brands can now select a specific type of marketing strategy based on their target customers, geography and operations medium.

Given the massive advantages it offers, brands are increasingly adopting diverse digital marketing techniques to connect with their customers and create a niche for themselves in the industry. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has further added fuel to this, as an increasing number of the population are embracing digital mediums for professional as well as personal aspects. As per a recent research, the global Digital Marketing & Advertising market which was estimated at $350 billion in the year 2020, is projected to reach $786.2 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 13.9 percent.

A new sub division of Digital Marketing that is gathering a lot of traction in recent times is Content Marketing. Research Dive has predicted that the global market for Content Marketing which stood at $36,786.6 million in 2018, is expected to reach $107,540.6 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 14.3 percent. Despite such encouraging figures, customers are no more pulled towards mere attractive videos, pictorials or presentations. Thus, companies wanting to leverage content marketing are being pushed to the edge of creativity as well as leveraging data to create content that is truly informative and in sync with what their target audience wants to consume.

One such firm that has established itself as an expert in this field is Contensify, a Noida based B2B content marketing agency. Incepted in 2013, Contensify enables businesses to have a strong digital presence and reach-out to their target audience by leveraging organic marketing strategies. Hand holding clients through the entire marketing lifecycle, the company offers a suite of content marketing services that include SEO Consulting, Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Product Marketing and Promotion & Distribution, to name a few. “As a niche content marketing agency, we have worked with prominent names in the industry across different solutions, right from
marketing automation suites, CMS, and engagement suites to analytics products that leverage the latest technology such as AI, predictive analytics and more. We’re currently one of the leading, niche content marketing agencies in India that is specialized in working with B2B SaaS products. With a technical background and almost a decade of experience in the domain, we are successfully helping the best of brains take their products to the market in a sustainable, growth oriented way,” explains Vanhishikha Bhargava, Founder, Contensify.

Content marketing isn’t just about creating a lot of content consistently. It is about understanding who your audience is, what content do they want to consume, what your differentiator is, and how you’re going to provide them with this information consistently. That’s where most startups tend to fail!

The company assists its clients in identifying their target market & the potential customer base and then advises them on the suitable content marketing strategies to implement as per their needs and requirements. While most companies grapple with their customers not being able to understand their product/service, through a systematic approach, Contensify assists businesses to understand their audience better by educating them on various aspects such as challenges faced by customers, how they consume/gather information pertaining to a particular product/service, and more, thus strengthening the bridge between the brands and their customers.

“We show them their search patterns and their preferred way of consuming content and strategize according to their audience. So the strategies are more tailored to the product, keeping the consumer in mind which often becomes challenging to do by yourself when you’re building out a product. In the words of those who come to us for potentially working with our team, or those who work with us, ‘you are the only content marketing agency that spends so much time under standing the technology and the capabilities of the product before getting started, and it shows in the strategy you create or the content you write’,” says Vanhishikha.

While most content marketing agencies onboard more clients than they can handle, they fail to pay individual attention to each client and their requirements. As a result, they lack proper knowledge and understanding of the client’s products, thus leading to implementation of inefficient business strategies. Contensify’s secret ingredient to creating such highly effective content marketing strategies is that it leverages their own industry experience and get involved with the SaaS product’s inhouse sales and support teams to truly understand who they’re addressing.

“We have worked with 50+ startups in India itself, and a lot many others across the globe so far, in the role of content marketers as well as consultants for their inhouse teams. As a niche agency, we have been careful about the number of projects we work with. Our goal is to justify each SaaS solution we work with, which means we don’t focus too much on scaling the number of clients. We keep our heads down and work consistently with our clients, growing with them every month,” says Vanhishikha.

Recently, Contensify worked with a cloud based productivity tool to create a monthly SEO-based content marketing strategy. By identifying key topics, backing it with indepth keyword research and using the skyscraper technique, the company was able to work with the team to increase their organic traffic by 200 percent, leading to 13 percent higher conversion rates on campaigns.

Concluding with the company’s future roadmap, Vanhishikha says, “With the current work scenario owing to the pandemic, we are one of the companies that are fully prepared to work efficiently at the scale that startups often need their marketing teams to be at. That has also been one of our differentiating factors. As we expand the team and start exploring more ground, we plan on taking on more enterprise SaaS scale ups as clients in the coming days. We have also started training in-house teams to help them become more independent and aligned on what content marketing or organic marketing really is. We’re hoping to scale those efforts across the entire startup ecosystem”.