Corestrat: Promoting Smarter Business Decisions through Competent Technological Applications

 Kartik Ramachandran,    FounderAt a predicted CAGR of 8.7% during the forecast timeline, the worldwide business intelligence market is anticipated to rise from $24.05 billion in 2021 to $43.03 billion in 2028. The market is predicted to expand quickly as a consequence of accelerated digitization, the advent of numerous online firms, and a high desire for data personalization. BI is analytical data software that tracks data and gives firms optimized information to assist them in making intelligent business decisions. Data analytics software is necessitated as a result of the massive data heterogeneity that results from growing digitalization. Additionally, the growth of numerous startups and internet enterprises may accelerate the adoption of BI. Furthermore, industry growth is anticipated to be fuelled in the future years by the increasing demand for efficient solutions for data management. Corestrat is a rapidly expanding, transnational business intelligence company. By combining extensive institutional risk and analytics expertise with ML-driven smart decision science systems, the firm provides business insights and decision intelligence.

Values and Services
Kartik Ramachandran founded Corestrat to empower companies to assemble, optimize, and use data to increase their competitive drive through faster innovation, informed decision making, These improvements result
in helping companies close the gap that existed in the majority of market available "automated" solutions which lacked institutional risk and analytics knowledge. “At Corestrat, our approach is to build intuitive algorithms and models for business problems that can be used for informed decision-making. The winning aspects of these algorithms focus on the fact that they can quantify the risks associated with any decision for business challenges”, says Kartik Ramachandran, Founder, Corestrat.

The company has developed three key offerings that set it apart from rivals. These include the Corestrat Model Studio, the Corestrat Strategy Management Studio, and their Loan Origination System (LOS). The LOS is a key component of Corestrat's dynamic decision smart platform, which makes it simple to combine structured and unstructured data to provide precise, well informed decision making Intentionally democratizing the creation and application of ML-driven prediction models is the goal of the Corestrat Model Studio. The Corestrat Strategy Management Studio was carefully designed to connect various data sources, ML-based models, corporate strategies, and domain knowledge to deliver decision intelligence and useful insights.

Corestrat was established on three main values of philosophy, people and process. With the end goal of meeting the client’s needs, investing in employees and developing their skills, the firm leverages multiple advanced technological tools which enable the achievement of these goals. “We have a unique competency in combining data science driven dynamic risk modelling together with machine learning and artificial intelligence to help our clients better understand their data to predict future events”, further adds Kartik. For its "Strategy Management Studio" platform, the company developed a cutting-edge user interface that transforms the rules of any strategy designed by the strategy manager into an algorithm that outputs qualified information for informed decision making. For example, evaluating myriad information for an applicant’s loan eligibility.

Future Roadmap
Utilizing intelligent platform solutions, Corestrat is primarily assisting enterprises in institutionalizing risk mitigation and analytics. In the future, they intend to create fully self deployable solutions with the least amount of effort while maintaining their sustainability and scalability. Through their recently established venture fund, Corestrat Ventures, which was established with the intention of collaborating with creative businesses where the synergies match those with Corestrat's core business and where the firm can add value over and above just capital, the company also makes investments in emerging growth companies.