Creators Cage Architects: Crafting The Best Architectural & Interior Designs

Satheesh Kumar Elangovan, Director,Ar. Aarthi Suresh, CEOAnytime is a good time to start a company provided there is an out-of-the-box idea and a sheer diligence to execute it expediently. In the nature of these entrepreneurial instincts, the prime mover of Creators Cage Architects (CCA), Satheesh Kumar Elangovan made his move to structure an organization that wears the crown of advancing the most apt, innovative, and creative design solutions to complement the Architecture, Interiors and Construction industry. He began his journey without any financial support; what he had was just 100 business cards which he distributed to engineers and aggregators by visiting their offices and constructions sites within Chennai. Before plunging in he did a detailed study about the industry in order to get its hold of the up and running of the industry. Step by step he drew up plans for his primary business the SaK Biz Group. It is from this concern that he further emanated several ventures in different verticals, one of which is Creators Cage Architects. "The grail for standing on my own feet and creating an image of my own self existed in me since my young age. I wanted people to recognise me as an all-rounder entrepreneur. In light of this, after completing graduation I took interest in doing something of my own. I selected the domain, prepared myself and then embraced the opportunity to launch my own businesses. On a very positive note each of my endeavours has been successful in their respective domain. And as far as Creators Cage Architects is concerned, it is creating notable disruption in the market with its trailblazing offerings," comments Satheesh Kumar Elangovan, Director,Creators Cage Architects.

What does it Specialises in!
An architecture, interior and designing platform, Creators Cage Architects puts forward a horde of remarkable services listed as Architectural & Interior Planning, Designing & Consulting, Construction & Turnkey Solutions, amongst others. Has created a niche for itself in the market by conferring on-time delivery, captivating, high quality services at affordable pricing policies. The main objective of the company is to equip its clients with shrewd luxury, comfort and contentment. Its main forte lies in carving all sorts of architectural designs, project management consulting, and
developing unique and innovation products. “Our entire object of exercise is to ensure our clients with functional as well as aesthetical designs, sketched out availing the best ideas, skills and technology in town. We strive for constructing the dream house of our clients the way they have imagined it to be. Apart from this, we expanded ourselves in various dimensions and have tried our skills in being a solution provider, HR consultant, education consultant arts, social activities and others," he states.

The diverse approaches have empowered the company to grow exponentially. It has comprehended an onward progress in terms of clients, witnessing more than 100 per cent growth. This has to a great extent boosted up the revenue and performance of the company as well. The company has so far set seal on a number of huge projects, be it constructing a residence or designing the interiors of a house. It is currently working on several construction assignments in some of the major cities of the country.

At creators cage architects, we do not have any hierarchy system whoever is talented and works dedicatedly is bestowed with the suiting position

The credit for this successful outcome should surely to be given to the fervent and prolific team who make unwavering efforts to meet the objective of the company. They have been making staunch effort to measure up the requirements of the clients, ameliorating the services with every delivery. The authorities leave no chance to keep this pristine squad decked out with all necessary facilities and support. "At Creators Cage Architects, we do not have any hierarchy system whoever is talented and works dedicatedly is bestowed with the suiting position. While hiring candidates we do not focus on their academic success but evaluate their creativity and adroitness. We maintain a robust work culture that preaches equality, friendliness and prosperity," avers Satheesh.

Satheesh has fastened the belt to ride towards the road that lead to new opportunities, as he intends to launch many new concerns and set its foot on other domains too. Through Creators Cage Architects, he aspires to take his mission of offering the finest artisanship for Residences, Offices/Institutions and Commercial projects to convert them into pleasing and exquisite spaces.

• Construction
• Interior Designer & Consultant
• Attractive Home Design & Modish Interiors
• Renovation & Repairs
• Painting & Decoration
• Planning & Designing
• Landscaping and Property developers

Beyond the Niche
Satheesh Kumar as a business enthusiast involved himself in a couple of businesses and ventured multiple brands throughout his journey of entrepreneurship. Inspire Tech Academy is one such establishment of his experience-based thoughts which gives motivational and technical skill classes for failed students. The whole idea of Inspire tech academy is to drive the students to build self esteem, craft a career path and prove that failure cannot decide fate.

Architect & Interior designer, Ar. Aarthi Suresh is the strongest pillar of CCA. Apart from being an Architect, she is an entrepreneur, Co-founder at SaK BIZ group, comprising of Career counselling and Training Institutes for Students.