Creaxt: The Enlightening Union of Education & AR

Sameer Mohanty,Founder & CEO

Sameer Mohanty, Founder & CEO

I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand” - was stated by Chinese philosopher Confucius about the value of learning in an individual. It is necessary that the form of education that is getting imparted in a child must always involve a holistic process for him/her to actually experience the essence of it. With the gradually growing orientation of technology with various verticals of the economy, education is also undergoing transformation in terms of presentation and outcome. Sameer Mohanty, Founder & CEO, Creaxt Inc. has developed a product by combining the knowledge of textbooks and,Augmented Reality (AR) to create a visual aid for students all across the world which possesses the capability to transform the entire process of learning.

Addressing the Challenges
Sameer rightfully thinks that Creaxt Inc. is targeting a very sensitive audience to cater to. The brain of a
child is a very delicate object which is nowadays prone to get addicted to mobile applications related to gaming and entertainment. On the other hand, muse by Creaxt Inc. is an AR based application providing knowledge about Alphabets, Fruits, Wildlife, Maths, Shapes and Colours. The company has summarised the opinions of parents on an application of this kind and all of them have appreciated the initiative and have confirmed that if this application has the capability to engage the child in the learning process and eliminate the use of gaming and entertainment applications, they are ready to put it to use. “We have created an creative augmented application which will revolutionize the learning and at the same time it will eliminate the usage of all the unproductive games. One can say that we are giving education the interface of a computer game”, states Sameer.

" In 3 months from their tieup with the pre-schools,Creaxt Inc. is already undergoing a 20 percent increment in the sales every month"

Impact on the Market
There have been some learning equipments that have been revolutionised by Creaxt Inc. which are experiencing high demand in the market, the flash cards and the colouring books. Sameer asserts, “Once you scan the flash cards, you can see the 3D model and you will be able to interact with
the 3D model. It's a very immersive way of understanding what happens.” About Creaxt’s achievement regarding the modification of the colouring books, he adds, “Colouring book has been stagnant for the last three decades. With the new technologies, colouring book should also evolve. We shouldn't restrict children's imaginations to 2D. We are creating a story book out of a colouring book which will trigger the curiosity instinct of kids.”

What’s Next
As it stands, Creaxt Inc. has been able to tie up with 18 kids stores in the city of Pune where products manufactured by Creaxt Inc. are in a state of regular delivery owing to the increasing demand of the products. It has two distributors one of whom resides on Kolhapur and another in Delhi who are responsible for the distribution of Creaxt Inc. AR products outside Pune. Added to this, thecompany has also established collaboration with 5 pre-schools in Pune itself for the installation of their creative labs. It has been only 3 months since their tie-up with the preschools and they are already undergoing a 20 percent increment in the sales every month. Expressing the road ahead for Creaxt, Sameer concludes,“muse will be going B2B. We are also working on the IoT vertical and also researching on real time 3D modelling concept wherein we are creating apparatus which will create a 3D model in real time.”