Crossed Design: Building Strategies, Products, Services & Experiences through Human Centred Design

Sanchi Bhardwaj, Co Founder

Sanchi Bhardwaj

Co Founder

New Delhi based Crossed Design is best defined as design thinking led Innovation Company that uses human centred approach to understand complex business problems from the end user’s perspective and design solutions to bring a measurable impact. It helps companies through its expertise in decoding Indian users and market behaviour. Further, it helps them reimagine and design products/services for emerging needs. In the last few years, the company has had the opportunity to engage with Adobe, Mahindra, British Council, and Google on some really interesting India centric research projects. “We take pride in our design processes; we are very methodical in our approach to innovation. Our core strengths are our tools and techniques developed over the years of practice. We strive to bring a cultural shift within organizations, placing design at the centre stage of innovation,” says Sanchi Bhardwaj, Co Founder.

Sanchi along with Saurabh Garg co-founded Crossed Design. The duo became friends during their Masters at National Institute of Design, India. Both of them had very distinct yet, similar journeys. Saurabh worked with TATA as a concept designer and Sanchi worked with companies like Samsung and
Shuttl. “Some where both of us were very much intrigued by the idea of experimenting with Design and wanted to take Design to the most unconventional places. I was personally fascinated by the immense potential of design and how little of it was being harnessed. We wanted to use our practice in bringing innovation across domains. That is how the idea of Crossed Design a design thinking led innovation studio was incubated. Crossed Design is our endeavour to push the boundaries of design and to solve unique challenges,” she mentions.

Crossed Design offers services like UX Research, Digital product development, Service Design, Usability testing, Design Sprints

The company’s portfolio ranges from User Research, Design Strategy to Innovation management. It helps companies in bringing forth with ideas and designing meaningful product service ecosystem through a very structured, research driven process of innovation. Crossed Design offers services like UX Research, Digital product development, Service Design, Usability testing, Design Sprints. “We engage either as an external Research & Design partners or sometimes we take the role of Design Advisory to mentor and train cross functional teams on Design Thinking through our various modules. These engagements have been designed keeping in mind the quench of time that businesses face today in this ever evolving world of innovation,” asserts Saurabh. The team puts huge effort to document learning, insights and strategies into visual frameworks and narratives. These frameworks become guiding toolkit for stakeholders helping them in ideation and decision making.

Led by a women entrepreneur, Crossed Design has carved a niche in the industry over the years. “Design is a complex subject and demands a lot of non-linear thinking, empathy and designer spends a lot of time in ambiguity women bring unbeatable understanding, perspective and ideas to the table,” she highlights. Currently the company is working on experiential learning methodology for remote Himalayan region with a hope to address issues like rural entrepreneurship, child development, women empowerment. It is called ‘Project Evoke’and it is scheduled for pilot in early 2020.