• Fitkin: High Fashion Performance Wear
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    Fitkin: High Fashion Performance Wear

    Just like corporate culture, corporate dressing, too, is continuously evolving. And, the latest buzzword in corporate attire is athleisure - an amalgamation of athletic and leisure wear. It is all about dressing down, being innovative, comfortable and sporty. Not very long ago only until last decade, there was a fixed mindset for people that a different outfit was required for different phases of the day like a different outfit for work, workout, and social meet up. As athleisure got popular as a fashion trend globally and subsequently in India, the mindset gradually began to change. Delhi-based Fitkin has focused on developing a product that can be worn from workout to work to the mall and vice versa. “The fact that we have clients wearing Fitkin leggings to work and to a mall at the...


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