Women Empowerment: The Right Of Every Woman

Arushi Nishank, Social Activities, Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Film Producer & Kathak Dancer An Indian classical dancer, entrepreneur & film producer, Arushi is actively working towards the uplifting the stature of women in the society

Many battles for women’s rights have been fought hard still, there is a long way to go. In the past few decades, women faced intricate issues which then turned into the beacon of a promising future; from kicking off with an unprecedented movement for women’s equality rights, including the right to worship, to the abolition of triple talaq, from increasing the punishment for rape to #MeToo campaign on social media.

Indeed, women have been struggling to achieve equal rights in the society they live in. The right to vote, education, equality in the workplace, and choosing a life partner were their legitimate rights which no person or institution can forbid. However, the recent time has witnessed a positive change in the economic, political, and social status of women. Consequently, many of the brave and undaunted women become a symbol of empowerment in the male dominated society. In addition to this, women who faced adversity make a transformative impact on the lives of other women around the world. Laxmi Aggrawal, an Indian acid attack survivor who established grassroots campaigns for tackling the surge of acid attacks, wrote Supreme Court petition to regulate the sale of acid Kiran Bedi, first woman to become the Indian Police Service(IPS)Officer known for her courage in bringing reforms in the society and Malala Yousafzai, fought against Taliban when she was just 14-year-old.

Though both men and women have empowered the equality movement, it is applaudable for all those extraordinary women who did extraordinary things to behold equality. However, despite a multitude of rigorous efforts made by women still many road blocks are lying in front of them. For instance, their participation rate in both rural and urban areas has declined in the near past and there is no official data that could reflect women's participation helping their families to survive, by collecting fuel, fodder or water, keeping poultry, working as unpaid labour on family farms, etc.

Educate to Enlighten
The modern society is recognising the importance of education for all particularly women perceive education as a token to economic security and opportunity. In fact, schooling is a crucial aspect of development, as the right education can make a big difference. Women should not only be encouraged in reading and writing but should be
taught about their rights, making them believe that they are equally capable of working and earning.

With the aim to generate awareness and improve the magnitude of welfare services intended for girls, in 2015, Prime Minister Modi launched the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana” to address the declining sex ratio in schools and enhancing girl child literacy.

Women should follow proper financial plans considering their every present and future need

Not with standing the challenges towards its implementation and delivery, the program has helped increase access to education as a means to empower the girl child.

Know Your Rights
Indeed there are many times in our lives, the rights we have are not exercised by us due to little or no awareness of the systems and surroundings. However, knowing what is rightfully ours and implementing it where it needs gives the real sense of equality. Hence, the question arises, why women should struggle for things which men enjoy evidently. Nonetheless, it is for the women to ensure that the rights conferred on them, in a way to utilize effectively. Whether it is right to equal pay, dignity and decency, against workplace harassment, against domestic violence, not to be arrested at night, register virtual complaints, against indecent representation, against being stalked and to Zero FIR (An FIR that can be filed at any police station irrespective of the location where the incident occurred or a specific jurisdiction it comes under).

Gaining Financial Stability
Financial independence is the right of every free citizen. Although one’s success cannot be measured by his/ her earning potential or wealth, money is the key to unlock many hidden opportunities. Women should follow proper financial plans considering their every present and future need. Furthermore, financial stability allows them to live a quality life with family and friends. As in some point of life, women do need to become solely responsible for their finances. In fact, financial independence is not about how much money someone has, rather about making the right decisions with the money they do have.

On the other hand, late marriage, rising rates of divorce, the responsibility of children, are those prevailing issues of the society that emphasise that financial independence among women is as important as it is among men. However, with more women in the workforce, soaring careers and inheritance, women are in control of a growing amount of wealth globally. Moreover financial independence is proportional to the ability to get a job with fair and equal pay. And, it is also affecting many of their important decisions regarding education, housing, pregnancy, and childcare. Indeed, contemporary women are taking the matter of collective urgency themselves, and they understand this.

The work culture scenario
Almost in every era, women have soared with great leaps and bounds. And therefore the discourse on women empowerment and gender equality has gone beyond living room discussions. Today, women are breaking their silence against the crimes, violence and abuses that they encounter in the workplace. In fact, the realisation that women should be treated equally in society has made great progress in light of the social and political challenges. And, the present time is witnessing a sense of movement that is driving the social progress and further recognising the role of women in politics, education, sports et al.

Moreover, if women want equality and career growth, then one needs to shift the empowerment battles from workplaces to homes. Indeed, more men should come forward to help out and share the real-life load. Women deserve equality in all walks of life to empower society with happier mothers, sisters, daughters, and partners.