Women are Paving the way for a New Style of Leadership

Nandini Mukherjee, Managing EditorWith the constant development in the Indian startup ecosystem, more and more women are chasing the entrepreneurial dream and succeeding in their ventures. Women entrepreneurship in the country has been on a rising graph in the recent years. In this day and age India can proudly say that women entrepreneurship is not an obscure concept any longer. Women are in the news every day, ruling all segments of industry and all facets of life. Successful women entrepreneurs and subject matter experts who have created a very
strong knowledge pool are helping innovators to shape ideas into reality.

With a set of strengths and professional code of conduct that women are very well suited for, organizations are actively seeking women for leadership roles and female entrepreneurs are starting businesses at a faster rate than any other time in the past. Several organizations too are enabling women to grow and flourish in both their professional and personal lives, enabling them to thrive on their own path, based on their own professional and personal priorities. Their expertise and thought leadership are fueling organizations’ impressive success. In a country like India where most of the women aren't encouraged to think big, there are some who have soared higher than one would expect from a constrictive setup.

These wonder women are inspiring other ladies to venture on the path of startups through the stories of their personal struggles and challenges. Our current edition speaks of such inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs who are disabling the think-leader-think-male norm and touching the sky. The number of female founders shining in our country will only rise, and we could not be prouder of our women.
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