Startups are Simplifying Complex Hiring Processes

Nandini Mukherjee, Managing EditorFinding qualified and relevant employees is no easy task. Add the responsibility of applicant screening, interviews and on boarding, and hiring becomes time-consuming and expensive. Not surprisingly, startups are trying to make recruiting a bit less awful. Today the industry is a six billion dollar industry. The recruitment market has not only grown but had evolved into a very mature market. In the next 5 to 10 years, quite a few countries and major corporates will be investing in India, and therefore with all the investments coming in, the preferred choice is definitely India.

A wave of Indian startups are tapping
into technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics to build plug-and-play platforms for large companies with the aim of assisting large companies to address their recruitment needs and simplify complex hiring processes. There’s a high degree of automation throughout the recruitment pipeline from attracting talent to on boarding it. Interestingly such developments are brought about by new minds that are being a saviour for businesses by leveraging manpower. Taking into account the types of companies being built, shift in workforce demographic and working environment, these startups are developing more transparent and engaging model and are well equipped to explore the disruptive market opportunity in the recruitment space.

In our current edition, we have featured a list of “10 Best Recruitment Startups.” The list features startups that have gained considerable momentum with the active role of investors in this space and have helped companies create a wide array of products, with the infusion of both software and hardware to make the complete recruitment processes smooth. We also recommend you to read our cover story on Reed & Willow a Talent Solutions company with designing thinking at its heart & humans at work backed by technology.
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