Dark Horse Sports: Creating Healthy Minds through Get Sporty App

Anirudh Singh,Founder & Product Architect

Anirudh Singh

Founder & Product Architect

Noida based Dark Horse Sports (DHS) was created with a sole aim to find the hidden Indian talent which is too scared to take a leap into the field which is still alien to the most people in India. The DHS team strives to change people’s perception about sports in India and endeavors to teach young kids as well as parents that a career in sport can be as rewarding as a career in any other field. “We want to fight against the evil prejudice of Sports is only for rich.

To eradicate this misconception, we want to create a right information system for the athletes, parents, coaches and every other person who is related with sports and we want to make sure that excuses are not hurled at anybody.Our strategies and methodologies revolve around a passion to unearth the hidden Indian talent,” informs Anirudh Singh, Founder & Product Architect, Dark Horse Sports.

Team DHS seeks to help every sports person in India whether they are aspiring athletes, parents,coaches or just a guy who
is seeking a job in a sports field by providing them a perfect platform to show case their unique talent. To create a sporting culture among the youth irrespective of their financial background, the company has included a job feature in their Get Sporty app, which is the first fully dedicated sports job portal in India. Through this app, they act as a social link between the coaches and the aspiring athletes who are seeking each other to fulfill their different requirements. The parents can keep track on the ward’s performance in the field. Even the coaches can be able to interact directly with the athletes and parents.“We are continuously working to improve our platform and we are aiming to cover as much audience as possible to provide and teach them that sports can be a fruitful career for those who have the talent,” he mentions.

The company is on a mission to create a healthy environment and believes that a healthy mind is the adobe of all positive thoughts and as a result a person behave in a more optimistic way

DHS as a Sports Education & Job Portal
All of DHS strategies and methodologies revolve around helping and nurturing the aspiring
athletes. The company is on a mission to create a healthy environment and believes that a healthy mind is the adobe of all positive thoughts and as a result a person behave in a more optimistic way. The team dedicates themselves in organizing exceptionally good sporting events or tournaments every where.“Be it Corporate Sport tournaments, sports events for various schools and colleges or the sporting event for any private firm or just a bunch of sport enthusiasts or for big clusters of apartment and Villas, we believe that sport is the best way for creating a sustainable competitive advantage over your colleagues and most important of all, sport allows us to enjoy our life with work,” enthusiastically mentions Anirudh.

Needless to say, team DHS seeks improvement every day, broadening their horizons and providing right and precise information to the aspiring athletes. The company pursues to develop into a go-to-platform for all the aspiring athletes and the sports persons in India. “For this we will be continuously feeding our audience with the right information and the inspirational stories of past legends of sports. Most important part will be the information such as the roadmap for an aspiring athlete in India. We want to expand and want to reach as many athletes and people as possible. We aspire to become a well-rounded platform for all the aspiring athletes,” concludes Anirudh.