Dark Kak : Redefining Boundaries through Technological Inclusion

Nourin Haque Ridi,  DirectorThe emergence of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and, mixed reality (MR) technologies has revolutionized various industries by offering immersive experiences. Their rise is due to advances in computing power, graphics capabilities and the affordability of hardware. These technologies are finding applications in gaming, entertainment, education, healthcare and more, changing the way one interacts with digital content and the physical world. Dark Kak is at the forefront of this technological wave and was founded in 2023 to harness AI, AR, VR, and IoT for society. From humble beginnings, the company has grown to become a leader in smart jewelry research, driven by its commitment to innovation and user excitement.

“Our journey began with a broad vision that evolved as we immersed ourselves in our passion. While AI and VR had already made strides in education and healthcare, we saw untapped potential in fashion. We wanted to improve the marketing, security, and utility, reaching more people with impactful designs. Leveraging AR, VR, MR, and IoT, we sought to redefine fashion's role beyond mere attire”, speaks Nourin Haque Ridi, Director. Dark Kak’s offerings reflect this vision: augmented reality trials for customized dress experiences, virtual shopping centers accessible worldwide via WebSphere, immersive hologram solutions for small offices, and smart jewelry doubling as security measures.

Unique Approach to Customized Packages

Dark Kak's unique selling point lies in its ability to create customized packages that
meet customers' specific needs. While the company initially operated as a mainstream service platform, its focus on specific areas has allowed it to develop specialized offerings. For example, the company offers Grameen Danone, a major industrial player in the country, a package of augmented reality and virtual reality solutions for its events. What sets the company apart is its approach to creating packages that go beyond individual events and allow customers to use its services repeatedly. Unlike traditional marketing tools, which are often limited to one-time use, the offerings can be customized and reused for multiple occasions.

The company has served primarily in the education and entertainment sectors, with recent ventures into fashion. “In education, we pioneered augmented reality enhanced learning platforms, providing students with engaging challenges and practical tips for skill development. For entertainment, we developed augmented reality games for social media and web platforms, alongside innovative AR mirror installations for interactive marketing experiences. Our collaborations span various industries, including partnerships with Indian companies for events like Fashion Week and collaborations with US-based enterprises”, shares Nourin Haque Ridi.Despite limited familiarity with AR/VR in Bangladesh, the firm’s services have garnered significant engagement, exceeding expectations and prompting it to expand into new sectors like medicine.

Client Testimonial

“Partnering with Dark Kak for our AR marketing was outstanding. Their communication kept us informed, and they delivered an impressive AR feature that enhanced our calendar's appeal. Their expertise and clear guidance made the process easy for us as first-time AR users. We highly recommend Dark Kak for their professionalism, innovation, and exceptional service”, says Donald M Sirianni, President, Omnidon Productions.

Vision for Technological Advancement

Dark Kak's vision is to establish a brand that not only offers afford-able services but also makes AR/VR devices accessible to the people of Bangladesh, thereby creating an ecosystem that fosters technological advancement. By democratizing access to futuristic technologies, we aim to ensure that Bangladeshis are not left behind in the global techno-logical landscape.

"Furthermore, our aim is to cultivate a dynamic community of AR/VR enthusiasts and developers, fostering avenues for skill development and career advancement in this burgeoning field. Through mentorship programs, workshops, and collaborative projects, we provide the necessary resources for individuals to thrive and innovate in the realm of immersive technology”, adds Nourin Haque Ridi. Committed to inspiring AR/VR adoption, the firm empowers individuals to fuel their expansion, driving progress in its digital landscape.