Dawn of Assimilate Technologies: A New Era in IT World

  Sanjay Taskar, Founder & CEO,    Mahadev Punekar, Co-Founder & CTO

Sanjay Taskar, Founder & CEO

Mahadev Punekar, Co-Founder & CTO

In terms of industry size as well as influence, the IT industry is one of the largest sectors in India. Being the largest IT sourcing destination across the world with annual revenue of around 194 billion dollars, the IT industry contributes around 8% of the country’s GDP. The increased complexity in the system infrastructure of IT corporate across the globe, cooperation and corporate-friendly policies from the government as well as the growing global demand for specialized IT professionals across the globe have helped India in its quest of becoming the largest IT exporter across the globe. Even the startup friendly policies by the government to encourage more startups across the country have motivated many entrepreneurs to venture into the IT sector showcasing their set of expertise.

Keeping the current boosting IT market scenario in mind, along with the other co-founders, Sanjay Taskar and Mahadev Punekar started Assimilate Technologies in 2018. Initially started as a small-scale organization, the firm has grown into one of the leading IT service providers across multiple domains such as healthcare, ITSM, salesmarketing, manufacturing, institutions, service support through web development, website designing, and Mobile application development as well as specialized future centric domains such as cloud, AI, Machine learning, and so on. The firm uses revolutionary as well as futuristic technologies for product development and delivery for its clients helping them save the cost as well as have a compatible product code for the next 10 years.

Coming to the products, the firm recently has delivered a mobile app in the finance hospitality sector that deals with dine-in, and dine-out features along with some financial aspects to it. The firm has delivered the solution in various sectors such as e-commerce, retail healthcare, ERP sectors, and so on. Before developing any product, the firm first focuses on understanding the requirements as well as features of an end-user, which helps them develop user-friendly products with optimized performance and a higher level of data security.

The firm uses futuristic technologies for product development and delivery for its clients helping them save cost as well as have a compatible product code for the next 10 years

Coming to the core team, the firm has 2 active partners as well as 2 sleeping partners with all of them having different technical expertise. With an overall 12 years of technical experience, apart from customer handling, Sanjay is also the CEO of the firm and is working as an architect in domains such as Dotnet, Java, and so on. Besides being the CTO of the firm, Mahadev is a specialist in Front end and web development and is presently focused on learning new technologies such as AWS, Flutter, React native, hybrid apps, and so on. Nagaraju and Deepak are the remaining 2 sleeping partners in the firm and they help the firm with their expertise in setting up application architecture or implementation hurdles in case of a requirement.

Mahadev Punekar, Co-founder & CTO

In 2018, with a project to develop a particular client application, the self-funded firm started with just 3-4 resources with annual revenue of around 30-40 lakhs. However, within a year, the firm touched a mile stone with annual revenue of around 3 crores. Presently the employee strength of the firm has grown to 60. Coming to the future roadmaps, the firm has started its office in the US in January 2022 and is planning to establish its footprints in Europe as well as Middle-East countries. The firm is also working on developing some new products which are currently in the planning stage.