DDConsults: Bridging the Recruitment Gap!

Deepanwita Das, FounderAn efficient team and a pool of great talent is what defines the success of any business. Having a proficient team in place aids the organisation to run smoothly and drive it towards excellence. But, it is not at all times that a firm is lucky enough to land up a good pool of resources that are able to contribute to its growth and development. And that is where they feel the need of a recruitment consultant that would take care of all their hiring woes. DDConsults is one such company that is assisting the companies in their recruitment task and helping them fill vacancies from midcareer to executives to C-Level. An executive search consultant, DDConsults is headed by Deepanwita Das who has near to a decade of corporate and consultancy experience. “We believe that each individual has the potential to perform, given the right kind of job profile. At DDConsults, we believe in mindful sorting of candidates instead of randomly pushing a candidate for an interview. Thus saving the time of both the company and the candidate,” says Deepanwita Das, Founder, DDConsults.

Specializing in leadership hiring, DD Consults
provides expert experience & indepth market knowledge that guarantees short listing of profiles in minimal time. The company furnishes its services in various industries ranging from Healthcare, Information Technology,Manufacturing industries, Banking & Financial Services, and Education. Apart from this, it also extends support to its startup clients in the setup of their HR departments. It supports them by implementing policy framework & guidelines. Also, it is approached by organisations for any advisory or organisational development work. Through its wide networking, the company gets in touch with the required talent profile that it is scouting for and also takes help from social networking sites, job postings, advertisements, and contribution from its own website visitors. In addition to this, the consultancy firm also follows an Applicant Tracking System that assists in tracking the status of the interested candidates. “Quality in the work is our only mandate and we believe in providing quality manpower to our clients. Through our rigorous hiring consultancy services, we only give our clients meaningful candidates who have the capability of taking the organisation to the next level,” she says.

Specializing in leadership hiring, DDConsults provides expert experience & indepth market knowledge that guarantees short listing of profiles in minimal time

A bootstrapped company, DDConsults has come a long way and has grown tremendously over the years. The company surely went through a tough phase in its initial days when there was too much of work and no salary was being credited but over time as they got more and more market exposure, the company evolved and also started working on a subvendorship model. Backed by a professional team who has a wide exposure working with employment agencies in various domains and industries has definitely helped the company steer away smoothly through the hurdles. “We believe in bridging the gap between the talent requirement and the job seekers within minimum timelines. Our aim is to build a brand that not only every organisation, but any individual would also like to get associated with as an employee,”she concludes,” she concludes.