DDot: Delivery Matters: Assisting both B2B and B2C Sectors with its User-friendly Platform

Sneh Patel,Co-Founder

Sneh Patel


The delivery service industry is new in India but has witnessed exponential growth since its inception. It has a huge potential for more expansion in the future as India has the largest population of mid-level consumers and the urban crowd is gradually becoming reliant on delivery services. Popular brands like Dunzo and Swiggy Genie have already carved their niche in the market paving way for more start-ups to join the domain. More importantly, the on-going pandemic is also a key reason for delivery services to rapidly pace up; making it easier for consumers to get their needs while sitting at home.

Being a reliable and efficient player in the delivery service market, Ddot offers delivery services of products whenever and wherever required. "We offer transportation for a wide range of products, from picking up documents from office to moving furniture or transporting finished products from factories to ware-houses. Our fleet of delivery vehicles include scooters, vans, and trucks to aid every kind of delivery request. We provide two-factor authentication and live GPS tracking to provide security," Sneh Patel, Co-founder, Ddot.

Ddot's platform helps a user by transporting items from point A to point B through its app. After logging in, the pick-up and drop-off location with options for choosing vehicles can be selected. Flexibility is an important aspect of the Ddot app; while choosing the type of delivery needed is supported with a variety of payment options available starting from paying at pick-up or drop-off in cash, card, UPI, or net-banking. Actively serving in Surat, Gujarat, at present, the company is
now specialized in intracity delivery requests. Charging a nominal and affordable fee appeals to a large number of customers. Established in August 2020, Ddot's starting point was to reach a bigger audience being a bridge between the provider and consumer.

Sahil Santoki, Co-founder

Within the first month of its launch, it onboard-ed 15 home bakers and 20 restaurants. "We saw there's a need for a delivery service to help businesses with timely dispatch of necessary items while keeping the costs minimal. Thus, the inception of Ddot took place as a one-stop delivery service for all our clients' needs," explains Sahil Santoki, Co-founder, Ddot. Sahil works for a B2B segment and Sneh works in B2C where both of them noticed a gap for delivery services in their respective fields of work.

They have successfully earned around 20% of increased revenue month on month since Ddot's inception. Today they have 300 active monthly users and have extended their client base from home bakers and restaurants to bakeries, supermarkets, vegetable vendors, textile industries and wholesalers, serving both B2C and B2B sector.

Our fleet of delivery vehicles includes scooters, vans, and trucks to aid every kind of delivery request and we provide two-Factor authentication and live GPS tracking to maintain security

"We have seen a very positive response from the market. The pan-demic has made businesses and people more technology savvy," Sneh shares his experience. In addition to offering delivery services to end-users and business owners, Ddot also ensures delivery of household items from retailers when orders are placed by their regular clients over a call or WhatsApp via Ddot app. Looking forward to sustaining in the long run, Ddot's next goal is to increase its product offerings for the B2B sector. "Currently we are dependent on manual labour but soon we will implement machines and infrastructure for lifting cargo. We are also planning to expand to three other cities in Gujarat by end of 2021," concludes Sahil.