• QWQER: Furnishing hassle-free delivery at convenience
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    QWQER: Furnishing hassle-free delivery at convenience

    Over the years, with the growth of digitization, it has been observed that individuals and businesses don't want to spend time on transit or endure the hurdles of a commute to get or deliver things. Businesses, particularly, found it more economical to have a third-party delivery service than invest in their own delivery fleet. While metro cities in India already had such delivery services, the Tier 2 cities had scope in delivery operations but not a delivery service. This was when QWQER stepped in, a hyperlocal services company that provides point-to-point delivery in multiple regions of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. QWQER was established in 2019 in India, today the company operates in 10 cities of South India. "We are convenient for businesses to partner with as we facilitate a...

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