DealsInsight: The Perfect Blend of Creativity and Sales Wizardry

Priya George,Founder
Priya George, Founder

For many of the entrepreneurs just beginning in start-ups, sales and speaking to prospective customers can be confusing and unknown. To partner with and support start-ups and small and medium enterprises to build a strong qualified sales pipeline, Priya George founded DealsInsight almost two years ago. Our mission is to partner with organizations and building them by being their extended sales arm. We chose this mission to support SMEs and to contribute and be part of their success story,” speaks Priya.

Priya George has more than a decade of executive-level sales experience in various industries and across geographies like US, Europe, Middle East, and North Africa & Asia. Her strength and passion lie in understanding the customers’ core needs, building relationships that provide value and ensuring continuous customer success.

Team Deals Insight has had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing and innovative startups. “These are not established brand names but they have an innovative solution that solves a problem. It has been a
great journey to take these companies and products to market with our experience, expertise and network across regions,”says Priya.

" Till date, DealsInsight has worked with multiple AI startups in India and has opened doors to various c-level executives across industries"

A data-driven and analytical approach
Priya believes that the One Size Fits All approach to selling is dead, because every customer is unique. Based on her experience working with companies across industries and geographies, she has perceived that certain things work for some and for others it may not. “How we sell now is very different compared to 15 years ago. The vital thing that has happened is that the way customers buy has changed. The customers today are better informed and more empowered. They have their own unique buying journey and our job is to meet them at the right time in their journey and work with them,” informs Priya.

DealsInsight takes complete ownership of the customer’s sales journey. “We work with startups, small and mid-sized companies who are looking to grow and expand their business outside India or within India,”she says. The company further supports businesses to create go-to-market strategies, acquire new customers and maximize business performance to expand their reach, visibility, and revenues. It works with businesses to achieve as many prospects as they
can handle through a data-driven and analytical approach at a faster time to value.

Understanding the importance of relationship building and nurturing, the team invests significant time to research and add value to their prospects before they request time to sell any of their customer’s products or services. Priya adds,“This I believe makes us rise above the crowd to someone who respects their client's needs and anticipates requirements in a constructive manner.”

Till date, the company has worked with multiple AI startups in India and has opened doors to various c-level executives across industries. “With our approach, we were able to qualify as many prospects as opportunities and they were able to convert them quickly at a higher rate of conversion than before,’ she avers.

The Future Plans
Since inception, the company has been steadily growing in terms of team size, customers and revenues. The team is excited to work with innovative startups across the world and very keen to take them to market. “We have mentors with at least 25 years of sale experience whom we work with,” she adds.

Going further, the company envisions building strong relationships with its customers, assisting them throughout their entire journey, delighting the customer every step of the way, delivering a little more and being outstanding, consistently.