Stratforge: Solutions to Scale, Secure, Connect, Extend and Empower Enterprises

Jesu Valiant,FounderIndia is the third-largest startup hub, housing more than 12500 budding brands. And 19 percent of India's start-ups are around the deep-tech space ­ AI/ML, IoT, Big Data, EBC, and CPA. While global organizations are investing millions for digitizing their business, Stratforge is among the race to offer solutions that would help enterprises achieve their goals swiftly. It is a deep-tech solutions company that works with fortune 100 organizations to solving some of the most challenging enterprise use cases. The company uses most of its proprietary tech stack to solve industry complexities. Right from the inception, it has taken up challenges from some of the largest enterprises who are global leaders in the industry. Stratforge soon would be unavoidable in the deep-tech space with the SaaS and PaaS-based approach, offering custom-fit solutions for end customers (OEM/ISV) and Service Providers.

The Strong foundation
The leadership and the core team at Stratforge have more than 10 decades of combined process and technology consulting experience in enterprise technology. "For an industry that has thrived on PEOPLE and PROCESS, an accurate and dependable TECHNOLOGY BACKBONE is a must need. The enterprise eco-system is ever-dynamic, shifting, evolving with customers exploring and expecting new age experiences. The major motivation for us was to develop an original, path-breaking technology stack that the enterprise world has been longing for.
We chalked out the solutions for the biggest pain points. Our solutions are poised to change the way enterprise business processes would operate, we are ushering in the next; now. Stratforge has arrived!" says Jesu Valiant, Co-Founder.

Stratforge's commitment to R&D is a driving factor in the development of technologies that helps its clients. Stratforge labs perform exploratory research, directed research & development and, product incubation services. The processes and procedures are compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2008 standards. "Our practice has matured with the evolution of new-age tech, DevOps, security, cloud, AI-ML, EBC, CPA to emerge as a preferred deep tech solution provider and also as cloud system integrator of choice. With aggressive assimilation of industry skills and an ever-increasing quest for delivering excellence, Strat-forge teams have been able to simplify complications, provide turnkey solutions, and adapt hybrid platform strategies for better ROI for our clients," he informs.

Stratforge conferred the Global startup selection by Maersk as a Deep Tech startup by solving one of the biggest and decades-old industry problems for Maersk by adopting AI-ML, CPA in a short timeline

The Growth Journey and the Days Ahead
Founded in 2018, Stratforge has made significant progress. The company boasts a world-class product built in record time with 6 lakhs+ lines of code by a small team. "We showed a glimpse of our solution to our industry references, which has yielded projects that we are supporting currently. These project revenues are multiplying by every quarter since the product deployment and scope are on the trend. With that said, the growth journey has been significant concerning client acquisition. We serve across the globe and offer Solution Engineering for a Global clientele across various geographies like Europe, Africa, the US, and India. We currently have a sales office in the US, and the engineering team is based out of Chennai." he exclaims

”The leadership and the core team at Stratforge have more than 10 decades of combined process and technology consulting experience in enterprise technology”

He further adds, "Stratforge has laid out plans that are scoped and budgeted for the next 12-18 months. The current focus of CX solutions has two major offshoots, namely, Pulse and Discover. There is a parallel build around FX solutions surrounding digital payments for the FinTech domain. These initiatives are sure to amplify our growth trajectory."