Deepfleet: Reinventing the Charging Landscape for EV Fleets

Jijoy Chandrachoodan,  Co-FounderThe high growth of the EV market has led to CPOs (Charge Point Operators) investing on building charging infrastructure hoping to capture market share. However, since they do not 'talk' to each other, EV drivers are limited to 1-2 CPOs’ charging stations in a certain area. If they want to access more charge stations, they need to install more charging apps, create an account, optionally do KYC, load money and then go and charge the vehicle. This results in a high friction, inefficient customer on boarding experience. Analogically, today, people book hotel rooms not through the hotel’s website but via an aggregator/OTA and the same goes for airline tickets. An EV user should be able to explore such options and not be limited to using a CPO’s app and its single operator. “We believe electric fleets need more room to decide than get forced with limited charging options”, says Jijoy Chandrachoodan, Co-Founder at Deepfleet.

Deepfleet is an energy marketplace for EV fleets. It helps fleets charge their EVs at multiple charge station operators’ through a single platform. This helps the fleet pick the cheapest & closest chargers. This also avoids maintaining contracts with multiple companies. “On the CPO side we improve liquidity for charge station operators and get faster ROI on their installed infrastructure. We are the first to start this in the country and believe it helped evangelize the idea of roaming a bit,” adds Jijoy. While most others manufacture install infrastructure, Deepfleet helps monetize them better without them waiting for too long.

A Marketplace Model to Improve the Charging Process
The products and services at Deepfleet help companies(CPOs, Fleets, OEMs) make more money by improving the charging process through a marketplace model. CPOs can list their charge points in the platform with their pricing, timings and other constraints.

Deepfleet helps companies in EV space make more money by improving the efficiency of the charging process through a marketplace model

Further, fleets and individual EV drivers can find these charge points in a variety of apps (not just one). The marketplace will thus address the disparity between supply and demand and will help to bridge the gap.

“We enable consumers to use the EV charging ecosystem seamlessly and transparently and enables suppliers to find more sustainable growth. The marketplace will allow fleets, ride hailing companies to utilize charging infra and grow without any bridles through our unique distribution model", says Jijoy.

By allowing both supply and demand sides to specify their requirements through the marketplace, Deepfleet has more predictability of the ecosystem and thus builds meaningful business models. The company also offers auxiliary services such as charger mirroring and analytical services.

Onward & Upward
The EV industry has been growing quite significantly in the past few years. While talking to various industry players from both supply and demand segments of the market, the team at Deepfleet realized that to support the growth and economic viability of the market it’s paramount to address the gaps in supply versus demand. What Deepfleet has to offer fits perfectly in this landscape. “Our discussions with the market players always pivoted to immediate needs and requirements for the platform. For us at Deepfleet it gives immense pleasure in being able to support and augment the ecosystem", adds Jijoy.

Deepfleet’s mission is to enable and accelerate the EV revolution toward a greener world. It plans to enable consistent and sustainable growth of the EV ecosystem. The next phase is to integrate and support more market players from all segments and also move small scale fleets and operators towards profitability and sustainability through the Deepfleet platform. “The focus will be towards making our platform more robust and enabling easy integration through plug and play models", concludes Jijoy.