Deffective Duo: A Contemporary Design And Digital Marketing Startup

Dhawal Bhanushali, Partner - Head Digital, Priyanka Waigankar, Partner- Head Creative,Janvi Shah, Partner - Head CEO, Jay Bhargav, Partner - Head Content

Dhawal Bhanushali

Partner - Head Digital

Consistent and strategic branding efforts lead to strong brand equity and increased customer trust. However, the current digital marketing space is cluttered with brands competing for a limited set of eyeballs while it is getting tougher to spear through the clutter.Therefore, to distance themselves from the ho hum, organizations need insight driven digital strategies and efficient creativity in their communications, so the users seek the brand out vs. a brand begging for attention. This is what DefectiveDuo, the digital arm of Mumbai-based agency Crew tangle LLP aims to deliver for all their clients Deep Digital Insights and Efficient Creativity.

Priyanka Waigankar, Partner- Head Creative
DeffectiveDuo is led by Janvi Shah, Priya Waingankar, Jay Bhargav, and Dhawal Bhanushali, who came together to form Crewtangle LLP, the parent company of DeffectiveDuo and The Events Couture. Both arms existed independently before the pandemic. "While we were closing upon the Crewtangle logo, we realized how collaborative the four of us partners were. As a result, we finished our first project of designing our Parent Company(Crewtangle LLP) logo in under 3 hours," says Priya, Head, Design and Creative Strategy, DeffectiveDuo.

The branding consultancy startup offers a vast range of services focusing on Digital Brand Strategy, Video & Print communication, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing, with Branding and Social Media Marketing being their flagship service offerings. The lifestyle and Healthcare sectors are their specialties, and they are looking to explore other sectors aggressively in 2022. "While most agencies market their offerings as simple services, we provide them to our clients as structured products.
One for Online Sales and another for Application Marketing."Says Dhawal Bhanushali, Head of Digital.

DeffectiveDuo aims for a creatively forward Design and Digital Strategy that can communicate the right value to your customers

DeffectiveDuo's 3x growth within the last two years is an outcome of their process orientation. With all four partners hailing from agency backgrounds,processes for client satisfaction have formed a cornerstone for DeffectiveDuo's operations. One of the processes, which they like to call "White Board Black", is a five-step process built to curate monthly Social Media content calendars.

Janvi Shah, Partner - Head CEO
It involves decoding the brief, conducting market analysis, grilling for creative solutions, creating the month's storyboard, and executing the plan to throttle forward. "It is not creative unless it sells! So, we aim for creatively bold Design and Digital Strategies that can communicate the right value to your customers", says Janvi, part of the core leadership at DeffectiveDuo and an Experiential and Brand Strategy Expert.

Jay Bhargav, Partner - Head Content
This has enabled DeffectiveDuo to work with more than 50 brands in healthcare, fashion, and e-commerce. The team boasts an impressive portfolio that comprises many acclaimed brands like Tata Cliq, Future Lifestyle, Marico Limited, Blackstone, GoPro, Nucleus Office Parks, Smitfit, Driefcase, and Cruise AC. "One of the portfolio brands we have worked with is Ceriz Fashion.

Ceriz, a portfolio retail brand of Future Lifestyle brands, achieved 68 percent organic growth in digital reach and increased its sales 10x within a year of working with DeffectiveDuo," mentions Jay, a Digital brand building and business strategy expert at the startup. This outcome resulted from their strategy to promote Ceriz's "Effortlessly Glamorous" positioning on Social Media channels and DeffectiveDuo's A-A-R Customer Funnel strategy. The Ceriz project's success landed DeffectiveDuo two more portfolio brands from Future Lifestyle.

The accumulated learnings from working with renowned brands in the last two years are now being utilized to hand-hold young brands through end-to-end service offerings, starting from Branding to driving Online Sales and running App Marketing campaigns.