Deft & Tact: Empowering Businesses to provide Ultimate Visualization Experiences

Krishna Kishore & Santhosh Kumar,  ,Co-Founders

Krishna Kishore


Gone are the days when virtual reality and augmentation seemed like sorcery. We are dwelling in an era where turning thoughts and ideas into reality have become way too simpler. We are not too far from being able to experience designs, place or space without having to be there! One such company that has brought us closer to the virtual and 3D world with innovative ideas to create a better and realistic environment that boosts sales for businesses is Deft & Tact- a 3D visualization platform that helps brands to provide realistic product visualization experience to the clients, using interactive virtual 3D media.

Krishna Kishore who comes with a robust software development background from Microsoft and Santhosh Kumar who has over 15 years of exposure to the commercial world as an entrepreneur teamed together and ventured Deft & Tact in the year 2017. The journey began with a simple idea to visualize stones and flooring materials that would assist surface retailers to increase product sales. Slowly and steadily adding innovative elements to the portfolio, the company is now offering various solutions to multiple verticals such as surface retailing, furnishing, real estate, and others.

The Solutions
On a bigger vision, the company provides augmented and virtual reality solutions to
enterprises to improve customer buying experiences through various domains in order to improve the sales by providing solutions to view the products, change texture, place different postures, detailed outlook of an asset and much more.

Deft & Tact keenly understood various consumer behaviour patterns in order to providevisual solutions that can cater to all the stages of a purchase decision. In the case of real-estate business, the module allows the user to view properties, buildings, and apartments and make choices on designs. In other cases, such as machinery, furniture, and flooring the digital catalogue will help people get clear ideas by viewing the products placed in different angles, changing the textures, wallpapers, paints, and others.

Deft & Tact is striving to automate the entire 3D visualization system with advanced AI algorithms

The complete 3D based digital catalogue helps the customers make faster decisions. It opens a wide avenue of choices to select products that can be customized as required which in turn would boost the business of Deft & Tact's clients. "These solutions will accelerate the sales and marketing cycle of our clients and drive the business to reach the pinnacle of success," says Krishna Kumar, Co-Founder.

Highlighting the USP of the company, Santhosh Kumar informs, "We are focusing on a platform-based approach. The product is automated and serves with no much effort, all that the user needs is a login id and pass-word and we have incorporated all other necessities in-built." Staying ahead in the market, Deft & Tact is continuously evolving with the changing trends by upgrading the product line often and staying in tune with the latest devices and 3d content creation tools that could provide the best quality designs. The catalogues are pooled with an amazing collection of asset libraries that allows people to three-dimensionally view a single object and customize them as required.

Brighter Days Ahead
Witnessing a steady growth, the Hyderabad based company has marked its presence in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi as well. It is serving clients in Italy and looking forward to prospects from the US. With a vision to mark global presence, Deft & Tact is striving to automate the entire system with advanced AI algorithms. It also aspires to make 3D content creation much faster that would reduce the additional expenses in the operation.