DemandFluence: Innovative Lead Gen Solutions to Accelerate Sales Pipeline

Gunjan Punjabi,Founder
Gunjan Punjabi,Director

Since 2005, Gunjan Punjabi had been working with IT companies to generate B2B leads targeting the United States. The lead generation process involved cold calling, tele-prospecting, LinkedIn networking, and email for quite a few years. These tactics were new then and worked well most of the times, but over a decade Gunjan started observing a dip in the yield. He noticed that gradually the conversion ratios were falling and to produce the same output, now more than standard efforts were required. After three consecutive failed attempts and 18 months, he finally found some success. Using certain technologies, it was possible to identify customers who had the need in the US. "After this, I thought it's time to take this solution to the market. And I was sure IT companies would definitely have a need for this. That marked my entry to entrepreneurship!” mentions Gunjan.

In an intensely competitive industry, the most important challenge that team DemandFluence Came initially came across was acquiring their first clients and establishing a base of loyal customers from which to grow. “We had conviction in the quality of our work output and offered our services free of charge in the beginning. This enabled the clients to easily sample our work
and award us longer-term contracts,” he says.

" DemandFluence has a collective experience of working with 150+ tech clients, primarily based out of India, South East Asia, Middle East, US, and the UK "

Other than this, there were challenges related to capital, workspace and human resources.“We started small, managing capital through my limited personal savings and assets. As the business grew, we managed to funnel back revenues into the venture and we were rapidly on our way to becoming a financially independent company,”he adds.

Team DemandFluence

Staying Ahead Always!
In an industry where business traditionally comes from the lead generation in the US, UK and other foreign nations, clients who need leads in India often compromises with sub-standard service owing to budget constraints. DemandFluence possesses the capability to combine superior quality with affordable prices. Gunjan asserts, “We see Asia as a core growth market for our business in the near future.”

Additionally, the US leads which DemandFluence produces are based on potential customers'
need as opposed to just traditional lead generation methods. Essentially, these leads come through more intelligent technologies than standard ones, which give them an edge over the competition.

When it comes to data analytics, corporate consumers leaves no stone unturned to do their part of web research, download whitepapers, read blogs and articles and attends events to confirm their buying decisions. Team DemandFluence discovers these signals through Internet scraping and social listening. Combining its proprietary data mining technology with information aggregated from over 500 media partners, the team finds out who’s searching for what solutions-week over week!

Summarizing the Journey
DemandFluence has come a long way from where it started. Today, it has a collective experience of working with 150+ tech clients - primarily based out of India, South East Asia, Middle East, US, and the UK. “Our top line has been growing at an average rate of over 30 percent quarter on quarter,”he mentions.

Going further, the company wants to assist its clients to have maximum visibility to the work processes, rather than just the final output. It also intends to supplement its work with further analytics and reporting. “Towards these goals, we intend to leverage the latest and relevant tech, thereby ensuring greater transparency as we work towards establishing trust and loyalty. We are also looking at growing to 500 percent of our current team size over the course of the next few quarters,’he concludes.