Dezinebox: Expressing What's Beyond Imagination

Shweta Deshmukh & Abhijeet Deshmukh,Founders

Shweta Deshmukh

Principal Architect

It takes courage for any ordinary person to achieve a feat like success. It simply requires passion for enthusiasts to level the fame by mitigating problems hindering them. One such inspiring story is the journey of Shweta Deshmukh, an epitome of passion, hard work and positivity who stepped into a horizon of success. Ever since childhood, nothing was easy for little Shweta. Diagnosed with epilepsy, she was stopped from exploring and experimenting with things she loved. However, with strong desire, she explored and experimented things she loved and proved successful journey of entrepreneurship. With self-acceptance, faith and spirituality she tackled her restrictions and family responsibilities by taking every problem as a stepping stone for success.

As she grew-up, she realized that a typical 9-5 job was not her cup of tea. Though she worked with several companies just to learn, standing on her own legs is what she aspired for. She never left a chance to stay ahead and grabbed all the opportunities that came her way, and finally, she established Shweta Deshmukh & Associates in 2010. While she was indulged in executing many projects like designing homes, multiplex, malls, interiors, and others through the company, she perceived an idea of taking the business online and moulded DezineBox, an online interior & architectural service provider that empowers clients to DIY their spaces. With the strong support of her husband Abhijeet
Deshmukh who joined the brand later, she built an ecosystem of design & product partners and brought it to a recognizable stage that it is today.

This online platform that was launched in 2017 is powered by her 19 years of collective experience and her company that is recognized as an award-winning architectural and interiors firm with nearly a decade of existence in the domain. The whole idea of the company is to meet every single design requirement of the clients. Dezinebox caters to every simple need from colour consulting, furniture designing, wall décor, Vastu & Feng Shui, false ceiling and lighting, floor layout & planning. Apart from this, it also deals with comprehensive design, offline architecture and interior projects across the globe. Dezinebox’s offerings start from as low as Rs.1000, and cater to professional services with the price just two to three percent of the conventional solutions.

Dezinebox caters to every simple need from colour consulting, furniture designing, wall décor, Vastu & Feng Shui, false ceiling and lighting, floor layout & planning

The company recommends materials required, shows the product library based on their budget and theme. It sends the detailed list of shopping necessities, drawings, estimation, and hyperlinks to the website of the product partners, where they can purchase and design their spaces. For the offline portfolio, it sends the design partners who are present across India to the site of the client and aids them throughout the entire process. It aims to give design assurance & insurance by staying with the customers and maintaining long term bond. “Even amidst the Covid-19 crisis, we have stayed strong and strategically worked on our methodology so that our working time can be brought down to initiate faster delivery. We have strived to be ahead of the game, and interestingly, we have received an overwhelming response from our clients,” she adds.

The Bright Side
With no geographical boundaries, the company is working with clients at PAN India level. It has also executed projects in the Middle East. As an inspirational woman, Shweta was featured as #WonderWomen - Shaping Today’s Architecture & Interior Design Industry and was awarded Exceptional Woman of Excellence by Women Economic Forum. The company was recognized as ‘Most Innovative Firm of the Year 2019’ by National Architecture and Interior Designers Conference & Awards. The achievement of the company in the span is more than imagination and best defines that passion leaps problems & proves success.