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Ravinarayana Gunaje,,Managing Director

Ravinarayana Gunaje,

Managing Director

Internet is ruling the world and its awareness have spread like wild fire in recent times. The ambitious ‘Digital India’ project launched by the Indian Prime Minister has boosted the internet usage across India, where the usage is expected to surge up to 80 million in the coming years. This has left the way illuminated for web designing also.

Designing a decent website is of utmost importance in order to attract customer traffic for any firm. Hence, the netizens demand an intuitive and SEO friendly website. Recognizing the need, Ravinarayana Gunaje (Managing Director) took over the 2008-founded Dhyeya Software Solutions (DSS) in 2011 to equip clients with exceptional web designing solutions. The prime focus of DSS’ Web/Graphics Designing and Application development experts is to satisfy the clients. DSS is highly customer
focused in such a way that it never
fails to respond to client’s queries despite of holidays or midnight.

DSS is highly customer focused in such a way that it never fails to respond to client’s queries despite of holidays or midnight

Invested his entire wealth to buy DSS, Ravinarayana had to face financial challenges initially.But, strongly believing that one has to cross hurdles to climb the ladder of success,he stayed strong and eventually crushed all the footraces such as handling manpower and getting projects.Today earned a reputation as one of the most trustworthy web designing companies, DSS is magnetizing elite clients such as politicians, religious institutions and media. With continuous innovation and robust technology, this organization developed Public TV- Kannada News Channel website and is maintaining the Government of Karnataka’s website of inter-personal department and public relations along with their social media (Twitter, Facebook,& You Tube) since past five years.

The Segregating Factor

Operating in this field for over eight years (unlike other companies that divert their course in a couple of
years), the company is running ahead of its competitors with deep technological expertise. For instance, DSS is well-versed with Responsive Layout - a game changer revolutionizing web designing topography, which alters the layout as per user’s computer’s screen resolution and device (laptop, desktop and smart phone). This has paved the way for the company to acquire marquee clients and the absence of a marketing team doesn’t make any difference for the company as it is acquiring clients through reference.

Ready to accept the challenges, the company has highly dedicated people under its umbrella. It is identifying and giving break to people who have potential to be top scorers. As a result, they flaunt their credibility and capacity in the entity with excellent performance and hard work. Facilitated by 24x7 internet provision, the employees are keen to upgrade themselves.

Future Roadmap

Holding the recognition by The Indian Express during 2013-2014 elections, the company has planned to come up with a new subject that will be covering the local events and news. It aims to open branches in ten cities across Karnataka and intends to pull all the website requirements of Bangalore. Already piqued the interest of a couple of potential investors with such aggressive agenda, DSS will soon raise funds.