DigiBaap: Your Creative Digital Arm

Abhishek Ramesh Babu,Director The method of bringing into public notice the various attributes and services of an organization, using the digital platform is the present-day market trend. This strategy has helped businesses enhance their stance in the ecosystem, reach the targeted audience and gain acute recognition. The thought of availing the potentiality of digital marketing for the purpose of perking up their parent business incited Abhishek and Sujit Sasi Pillai to actuate an inhouse marketing platoon which later took the shape as DigiBaap a digital marketing agency that offers creative, sophisticated and strategic marketing insights.

DigiBaap is the sister concern of the parent company, World of Controls which supports all esteemed organizations with Power Plant related requirement and has clients in 94 countries. This multi-million dollar organization was disappointed with the not so up to scratch marketing suggestions. This censure fanned the flame that led to the establishment of a digital marketing platform. At the outset, its proficiency was used for fulfilling their in-house objectives and the needs of their 6 inhouse companies that operate in the field of facility management, real estate, school and sports. However,in due course, the company began helping other businesses to set about market research and merchandising issues."Initially, the plan was to bring in the best talent in the industry under one roof and obtain well-founded as well as constructive solutions. But observing
the kind of approaches we were receiving, we decided to administer a full-fledged digital marketing company,” avers Abhishek Ramesh Babu, Director,

The primary services of DigiBaap can be enumerated as Search Engine Optimizations(SEO), PPC, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design Services, Email Marketing, Branding Agency, and Online Advertising. The company observes a unique strategy; it drafts a creative script of the proposed action and insights which are to be implemented to ameliorate the marketing status of its clients. “Apart from these, we are also developing Android and IOS applications, designing Logos, Website, and Emails including writing appropriate content. We are a creative brand storyteller, converting ideas and thoughts into the peerless and cultural-centric flavour,” he voices.

DigiBaap is a creative digital arm that helps businesses frame a strategic story in order to reach their targeted audience

The national and international reach of the company magnetized a huge number of clients from the different corners of the world. And to serve these clients with best fitting solutions incorporates Google Analytics, Media Planning, and other such advantageous assistances. “We make sure that whatever services we are rendering is of the highest quality and prove profitable to our clients. Taking this into consideration, we have invested our time and money on forming a team that is efficient, creative, experienced and sincere. And over the years, we have witnessed a substantial increase in the number of clients as well as workforce strength. Today, we have about 90+ clients from 12 different countries with offices in India and UAE,” he adds.

What Lies Ahead!

The very name of the company depicts the intention of its makers. DigiBaap aspires to become the guiding light of the digital marketing industry in the world. It has every intention to launch itself in countries like Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, USA, and Malaysia. “Our future goals do not only involve plans of extending our services and reach but also to revamp our work culture too. We want to make sure that our employees do feel that they are associated with the best organization in the industry. The trust and loyalty of the clients and employees have been and will be the key ingredient to our success,” he concludes.