DIGIFISH3: Presence. Promotion. Engagement

Ashmita Dhingra,  Managing Director,Sandeep Banger, Co-founder & CEO

Ashmita Dhingra, Managing Director

Sandeep Banger, Co-founder & CEO

The world has turned digital. And social media probably is one the biggest trends in the current era. As the world now seems to be more connected than ever, but the nature of its connections has changed in a fundamental way. For instance – from social networking to how we work, digital media has integrated into much of what we do and has simplified the way on how we interact & communicate. Similar is the case with the modern day businesses. The businesses today are able to connect with their customers through modern ways. But the scenario was completely different a couple of years back. The brands were facing a major disconnect from the customers. Though they were coming up with different products & new launches still they were not able to cater to the right set of audiences at the right time. Foreseeing that as
digital as the new buzzword and the market at the cusp of growth, Digifish3 forayed into the trending social media marketing arena to help brands reach the right set of audiences at right time in a digital way.

An agency offering a 360 degree brand solution. It is a powerhouse of energy catering to brands across Digital, Electronic, Mobile marketing and Consumer engagement solutions

Realistic, Phenomenal & Contemporary Offerings
Digifish3 is an insightful digital outreach & powerhouse that caters to organizations with a data-centric approach towards achieving an innovative and impactful presence. The company aims to provide brands with a better end-user experience. Encompassing the three core pillars -‘Presence, Promotion, Engagement’, the company helps a brand to be recognized and reach its target. Digifish3 offers a complete gamut of services such as Digital Marketing services, Mobile marketing, SEO, Graphic Design, PPC, Celebrity Connect, Web Development & others. Ashmita states, “Our aim is to deliver different services to the
different set of clients with a customized approach. We aid with designing campaigns, define strategies and generate RoI for their business.”

With its unique product ‘Segmented SMS’, the company also enhances the brand visibility through celebrity connect via facebook, tweeter, Instagram, advertising, WebChat and more. Recently, the company has initiated its training platform known as Digifish3 Training, to educate people more on latest digital implications and diminish the existing gap with assuring qualified professionals.

Transpires to be a Service-Product Based Company
Headquartered in Gurugram with an office in Mumbai Digifish3 has grown globally in UK, Madrid & more along with being a 50 member team. The clients are Amazon, Flipkart, UC Browser, Hungama & many Start-ups. Soon they are coming up with varied product ranges in the field of Travel - GoGo Trip, in Health Sector – Nutritva & one in fashion, known as Diva Style File. Explaining on the future roadmap, Ashmita concludes, “We are trying to reach out to the right people with engaging them with lots of brands. Moreover, to carve a niche we are bringing in new products and defining ourselves as both product & service based agency.”