Digifrizz Technologies: Digital Marketing at Its Best!

Somenath Das,FounderWith everyone in the country making a switch towards digital, people are shedding the old traditional methods of doing business and opting for hitech ways of doing transactions. As digital is becoming the new trend, businesses no longer feel the need to deploy manpower for going out into the market and promoting their product or service. Every business is slowly shifting to the digital platform. Realizing the true power of the digital world and having observed that there was a huge gap in providing a holistic solution in the market, Somenath Das decided to create something that would fix the issue and become a 360 degree service provider in the market. This is what then led to the foundation of Kolkata’s one of the most successful marketing agencies DigiFrizz Technologies. “Technology is at the cult of DigiFrizz. All our projects start with the understanding of the business objectives and goals of the clients and we have made technology the engine for all our growth strategies and data as the fuel to the engine since our beginning,” Somenath Das, CEO, DigiFrizz Technologies.
As a fullservice tech and digital marketing company, DigiFrizz’ core competencies lies in E-commerce, Mobile App Development and Healthcare Marketing. The company helps brands identify maximum growth through its 360 degree marketing approach and offers end to end data management solution to all companies, be it a startup with small data sets or a corporate having complex big data. Furthermore, through its integrated marketing approach powered by smart technology and strong analytics, the marketing agencystrives to deliver personalised communication, at the right channel and at the right time which results in better conversion and optimised customers’ experience. An honest and transparent hightech digital marketing company, DigiFrizz Technologies guarantees fresh insights to clients at every sitting. India’s only company that provides managed services for e-commerce startups, the agency only charges a one time consulting fees and retainers based commercial model that offer technology digital and entrepreneurial expertise to its clients.

Exhibiting a triple digit growth year-on-year, DigiFrizz Technologies has gone above and beyond in its operation to deliver topnotch quality services to its clients.

Founded in 2017, DigiFrizz Technologies follows the values of uncompromised integrity and customer first approach and has worked with several prestigious clients across the world. What started with a team of three people has now transformed into a company of 26 professional experts. As a full service technology, the company is also a technology partner for some of the fastest growing VC funded startups. Exhibiting a triple digit growth year-on-year, the company has gone above and beyond in its operation to deliver top-notch quality services to its clients. DigiFrizz is also planning to launch three digital products by this year for personal healthcare and e-commerce startups. “The primary goal of us is to ensure we choose the right kinds of clients and opportunities and deliver great values that exceed expectations. We are also looking for more strategic partnerships with startups and fast growing companies as a digital partner,” he concludes.