DigiPanda: A Team of Design Junkies, Code-brain Geeks & Marketing Yogis

Narender Rana,FounderThe initial notion of social media and digital platforms being expensive and luxury for brand building or even sales have been completely shattered with the outbreak of the Covid Pandemic. In the new Post Covid era, every business, be it small or medium, large or a big corporation, have started to realize the value and importance of digital marketing. As a result, the scope of digital marketing has increased drastically. In addition to that, the number of Indian internet users will grow upto 666 million by 2023. Covid-19 has forced businesses to leverage online platforms to market their products and services and target their leads from social media platforms and other digital arenas. Many companies have started to recognize that businesses can thrive better in the online medium than in the physical marketplace.

These trends have made the digital marketing industry a sprawling space filled with advertisements and numerous digital agencies. Observing the crazy digital market space, Narender Rana a designing and technology specialist and Pulkit Tyagi, a strategist having the distinction of launching several products, teams and brands along with a group of passionate and ultra creative Digital Marketing Specialists and Communication Experts were fascinated by two specific trends. Firstly, the concept of customer logic and how rational or irrational it can be in the market. And the challenge of communicating efficiently with the customer and building a relationship in a way that persuades and convinces them. Seeing the existing trends in the market exited and motivated Narender and Pulkit to combine
their expertise and come up with the unique idea of a full fledged 360-degree Advertising and Digital Agency offering creativity, technology and everything in between. Thus, DigiPanda was born four years ago. “We have always been interested in understanding and utilizing the concept of market and the logic that runs in building a brand. However, it didn’t take us much time to realize that the market is a crazy place, and these were the two things that really excited us,” says Narender Rana. He further said, “We realized that almost everyone was offering digital marketing services in the market, yet no one had any idea what exactly is supposed to be done for a specific client”.

DigiPanda is in the business of merging the latest techniques in marketing science with strategic thinking and the most effective creative executions

“This motivated us, because we’ve always been passionate about clean and effective communication that makes brand talkable!” adds Pulkit.

As a digital marketing agency, DigiPanda is in the business of merging the latest techniques in marketing science with strategic thinking and the most effective creative executions. “Outside the box is just a phrase. We make the best use of the box”, mentions Narender.

DigiPanda is also a prominent name into technology landscape with the skillset to deliver better than perfect web and mobile applications for its clients. With investments into highly skilled team of programmers, DigiPanda is proud of delivering highly complex CRM solutions, eCommerce applications, and so many other mobile apps.

What makes DigiPanda unique is that the group of professionals at the agency collectively combines their 50 plus years of experience in branding, advertising, sales, strategy, and technology to fulfil a plethora of client specific requirements that enable modern businesses reach the heart of Billions!

The market has been quite receptive towards DigiPanda’s unique 360-degree approach. In four years, the agency has enjoyed the love and patronage of over 200+ clients. The company has acquired clients from all industrial sectors across many countries like India, Australia, Netherlands, UK and UAE. Whether a business hails from the technology space or FMCG, Packaging, Media, Education, Healthcare, Consumer Durables industry, or be it a Fitness, Cement, Real Estate or Lifestyle brand DigiPanda has always managed to leave a lasting impact on its clients. This makes DigiPanda ideally placed as one of the most strategic growth pillars for every business hailing from any industry vertical.