Brainlurn Consultancy: Aspiring to Bridge the Industry-Academia Gap through Personalized Career Guidance

Sunil Singh ,Chief Career Coach

Sunil Singh

Chief Career Coach

The digital career coaching market has positively been picking up pace post pandemic with many prioritizing the health and safety virtual career coaching offers. Now, it has become a norm to hire a coach or counsellor online as per your choice and get guidance. With more demand arising for digital career coaching across the country, the market is expected tocontinue growing in the coming years. Brainlurn Consultancy is one pioneering organization that aims to develop well rounded, confident, and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. The core purpose of the company is to offer ‘No Cost’ services to under privileged students. As of now, Brainlurn and its associates have served over 1500 students and 200+ professionals. The company also aspires to be a leading name in the development and coaching industry, providing transformational learning to individuals and impact the life of one million learners by 2030.

Scaling Greater Heights
Brainlurn explores all possibilities to help any student identify the right or best career options. The company believes that a successful career is all about doing a work that suits the people’s interests, their core values and behavior style. Brainlurn uses MBTI, DISC and other tools to educate
individuals about their own personality, interests, values and behavior style. Further, Brainlurn guides them through a systematic process of career exploration using a detailed worksheet and research on various career which helps students to understand roles, responsibilities, environments, work culture and growth possibility available in long term for each career the company suggests for them.

The company believes that a successful career is all about doing a work that suits the people’s interests, their core values and behavior style

Adding more about the unique coaching methods followed by Brainlurn, Sunil Singh, Chief Career Coach of the company says, “Our coaching sessions are designed to cover all the aspects of individuals to choose the best for them and we put them on various tasks to have self-realization on the matter. I believe that rather than suggesting a career option it’s better to expose them in an environment where they can experience and chose the best. On top of that, we use tools to understand the students better but being a human, we listen to them first. We are flexible and our coaching relationship continues till the students get clarity. We also view ourselves as partner in the student’s success and hence we mentor them for life time”.

Evolving with the changing times, Brainlurn is working towards the holistic development of individuals who can lead their life on their own terms. Starting with students counselling, the company has now moved to professional parent coaching as well. The company has planned to develop Brainlurn Academy which is a platform that will allow students as well as professionals to learn the industry skills at their own pace. Since its inception, Brainlurn has also worked on creating a community of mentors who will be available to guide and help working professionals or even students to understand the industry requirements and prepare them to succeed. Very soon, the company will also be launching a project to bridge the gap between education and employ ability, and this will be exclusive for students looking to build their career in Mechanical or Automobile field. Apart from this, leadership identification and development program is also a top priority for Brainlurn to churn out leaders who can develop their teams for a better tomorrow. To be a part of its quest to offer world class career guidance to under privileged students, the company would request institutions and individuals to reach out to it for any support needed.