Digital Raven: A Platform Driven by Immense Experience & Qualifications

Sanjana Chopra,CEOIt all started in the year 2014 when Sanjana Chopra, a graduate from University of Exeter, UK with BA (Hons.) in Management & Marketing joined a management training program for a leading advertising agency based out of Mumbai. As it is rightly said, you will only enjoy doing what you love, similar instance took place with Sanjana. During her stints, she was unable to find her job interesting as it dealt more with traditional forms of advertising works. Therefore, she decided to pursue her higher studies in digital marketing, branding & media and gain more insights of the trending space. And, it was that point of time she came across a lot of people who were struggling with their start-ups due to poor marketing strategies. The ceaseless conversations, understanding the pain points and other factors inspired Sanjana to get into further research on digital marketing, specifically in India and address them out. Thereafter, starting off as a freelancer for acquaintances & several advertising agencies as a digital marketing strategist along with being familiar with the strategies boosted her confidence to set up a firm on her own. Thus, Digital Raven was born.

With the attention of many turning away from the traditional
advertising has transformed marketing with not only being limited to electronic of hand-held devices but has also made more challenging task for brands to connect with the end consumers in real time and create something for their positioning in social media.

With a team of skilled graphic designers, content planners, writers’ webpage developers, Digital Raven has clients across India in varied sectors and has doubled its growth since inception

Understanding this Mumbai based Digital Raven came to the rescue of the brands and businesses with helping them out with digital solutions. Speaking on this, Sanjana Chopra, CEO, Digital Raven, says,“The modern day marketing strategies need to be brushed up with combining the creative side of the discipline with using powerful narratives and help brands connect and tap the customer’s wants. As new technological applications have changed the entire prospect on how marketing is performed, we at Digital Raven strive to deliver and assist brands with exemplary service offerings and aid them to interact with the customers via modern platforms.”

Knowledge + Insights = Excellent Solutions
Garnering a profound knowledge in Social Media Management, Brand Strategy, & Content Development, Digital Raven has expanded its diversions into the entire digital spectrum. The major service
offerings under the complete gamut include Social Media Marketing, Content Writing and Planning, Web Page Development, Newsletters & E-Newsletters, Graphic Designing, Brand Strategy & Planning and so on. It thinks out-of-the-box and brings something unique to the table. The target audience is small to medium sized firms, NGOs, health clinics & self-funded start-ups.

Led by a very simple approach that endeavours to reach the client’s marketing goals, the company benefits them to stand out in the competition. Narrating on it, Sanjana states, “We at the first hand understand the brand followed by marketing goals and how they want to move ahead. Knowing their requirements we create plans and strategies while keeping their target audience and goals in mind. She adds, “We recommend services that best suit their brand strategy and formulate them effectively.”

Innovative Marketing & Branding Strategies
Digital Raven believes that success depends upon unswerving adherence to industry standards. With a team of skilled graphic designers, content planners, writers' webpage developers, it handles clients across India in varied sectors and has doubled its growth since inception. Fortifying that understanding the psychology behind the purchase is important, Sanjana concludes,“We aim to build a strong connection between the brand and its audience through marketing. In the coming years, we will be finding new ways of marketing and implement strategies for brands that make them unique in their individual market.”