Digital Sky 360: Offering Strategic Online Marketing Services across India

Abhishek Trivedi,FounderDigital Marketing as Industry has started gaining its True Momentum. As per a report from Dentsu India, advertising in social media and digital platforms is growing at a pace of 20% and it is estimated to be valued at Rs 18,398 Crore by the end of 2021. It’s a massive market and the way brands are realizing the power of branding and advertising through digital platforms, these numbers are going to go up and further up. With the rise of online marketing and digital mediums, brands have started increasing their online marketing budgets which will result in a wider advertising spectrum. Agencies find itself in a Great position when clients now consider digital platforms as their core marketing strategy. Digital Sky 360 is an Interactive Communications and Digital Marketing Agency offering 360-degree Strategic Online Marketing Services. “We are a young aspiring startup in the field of digital marketing and we look forward to expand our operations by working with top brands,” says Abhishek Trivedi, the Founder.

The company provides services like Website Design & Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Strategic Digital Marketing Consulting, Advertising, Product
Photography, and more. Digital Sky 360 continuously stays updated on the latest trends and strategies to gain the best for its clients, by training its team constantly. “The point which makes us different from most of our competitors is that we work on our clients’ projects considering our own and Secondly we provide tactical digital solutions for better conversions like Demographic Targeting, Re-Marketing, Geo-Targeting, Lookalike Audiences, and many other prudent Marketing Solutions for our clients which helps them to earn profits and Great Online Reputation we have inculcated similar thought process in our team as well which has ultimately depicted quality of work that our team delivers,” Abhishek adds.

Digital Sky 360's performance is based on efficiency, creativity, technicality, strategy, critical thinking, and out of the box approach

Digital Sky 360’s performance is based on efficiency, creativity, technicality, strategy, critical thinking, and out of the box approach. It works with clients from sectors like jewellery, manufacturing, exports, finance, travel, Pharma, and others. The organization constantly works hard to reform new methods and processes to streamline its clients’ core services and their presence online. With a core leadership team consisting of client account managers, creative head, team managers, Sr. Business managers, the company always pushes hard to achieve their deadlines along with auditing all its clients’ reports. “We at Digital Sky 360 recruit industry experts as well as fresh talent and believes strongly that ‘team makes it or breaks it’ and that’s why we redefine our standards persistently to achieve highest possible benchmarks in the industry,” proudly Abhishek mentions.

Aimed to provide premier digital marketing solutions, Digital Sky 360 intends to get more prudent year after year and looks to provide comprehensive marketing solutions to its clients which they call “Value Added Services” i.e Going an Extra Mile for their clients. Growing at a promising pace, the agency is looking forward to doubling its business by expanding in domestic as well as international markets. “We are looking forward to expanding our operations across India as well as Australian and other international markets. Being visionary is our key mantra ahead which will bring growth for our clients and our teams too,” Abhishek concludes.