Dinepost9: A Trusted Midnight Food and Essentials Delivery Portal

Amit kumar ,Founders
Amit Kumar, Founder

The business of delivering restaurant meals to the home is undergoing rapid change as new online platforms race to capture markets and customers. However, the late night market is mostly neglected by the online food delivery portals and restaurant owners. There is a huge customer base especially with the advent of the BPO/KPO/IT/ITES industry which has irregular work timings and shifts leading to people coming back from work at late hours. This huge customer base is also the one which heavily depends on food being delivered to their doorsteps especially with not much options left open in such late hours.

These pain-points were well perceived by Amit Kumar at the right time and he zeroed in upon creating Dinepost9, a midnight food and essentials delivery company. “It was back in October 2011 when I came to Bangalore for the first time after completing my Engineering in the city of Joy–Kolkata. One day on reaching
my PG late, I was left with no PG food and the restaurants in the vicinity were not operational at that time. I had no choice but to wait till next morning to have a meal. This was the moment when the idea of Dinepost9 hit me for the first time,”explicates Amit. In late 2014 Amit met Biswadeep in office and later got married to Smriti in the same year. As a team, they discussed and explored the business idea and eventually, DinePost9 started in the year 2015 with the opening of its first kitchen in May in Bangalore. “Dinepost9 wouldn’t have been possible without the immense support provided by my wife Smriti, who has been a constant support and a guide in all my decisions,” he says.

"Compared to last year,Dinepost9 has already achieved a growth of 200 percent, but is targeting to cross a growth of 300 percent by end of this year"

Going beyond the convention, the company has come a long way from coming across the odds and surviving those till date with an exceptional good rating and feedback. We tried our luck at the 'Surge Summit'- Bangalore in 2016. We were patient and kept our focus, just waited for the right time and opportunity for the change in market scenario and kept building on our customer base. Finally, our efforts have started to be not only recognized
but also started to lead to positive results. Recently we were awarded as best late night delivery by Zomato,” he asserts.

The Work Culture
As a start-up keep, Dinepost9 follows One Team One Goal concept.“We all work together as one department and our single goal is to get High Quality food delivered in the least amount of time,”he mentions. The company recognizes the best employee of the month, organizes team outings to ensure team bonding amongst the staffs, including the celebration of birthdays and farewells if any. “We as an employer have invested in relationship building, which keeps them happy and satisfied,” he further adds.

The Growth Story
Embarking on the journey with two employees in 2015, now Dinepost9 is a team of 30 members and is still growing. The company has now four stores across Bangalore and a base of approximately 30000 customers with more than 90000 successfully delivered orders. “In terms of orders we had grown from 200 orders per month to 8000 orders per month,” he says.

Compared to last year,the company has already achieved a growth of 200 percent, but is targeting to cross a growth of 300 percent by end of this year.