Divide By Zero: Building the Future with Matchless 3D Printing

Swapnil Sansare, Founder & CEO

Swapnil Sansare

Founder & CEO

Working on tissue regeneration technology for past 20 years, Dr. Anthony Atala – Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Professor and Urology Surgeon, presented a goose-bump moment for the entire human race in 2011 by generating a kidney on stage using 3D printer. However, any technology shift in global arena normally takes half-a-decade to touch Indian soil. But breaking the conventions, 3D printing technology began to root in India almost at the global pace.

Three years after Dr. Anthony redefined the technology penetration in medical field, one of the government hospitals in Pondicherry was right behind this new scope and the doctors were analyzing the possibilities of 3D printing the skull of a four year old girl child to augment on the surgery-precision part. Currently the most recognized Indian 3D printer brand, ‘Divide By Zero Technologies’ took the challenge and piloted this task comprehensively by printing the skull according to CT scan data and sending it to the doctors, which enabled them to perform a mock surgery on the 3D skull, thus mitigating the risk of original operation. To everyone’s amazement, this startup is even working with Indian Army to decode the Google Earth data into terrain maps and then to actual-scale-models, where the army can plan everything accordingly as per the actual terrain.

Being one of the early players in the industry in India to file few patents on 3D printing, the company provides not just 3D printers, but end-to-end solutions according to the discrete requirements of the customers. Divide By Zero spreads its services to industries such as Automobile, Medical, Art, Architecture, Education, Casting and Product Development. The esteemed clientele of the company across these verticals includes TATA Ficosa, Mahindra, TVS, Future Factory, Hawkins, Lumax,
Motherson, Bharat Forge, Cello and ACG Worldwide among others.

Divide By Zero provides not just 3D printers, but also end-to-end solutions according to the discrete requirements of the customers

A Sparkling Growth Pace

Swapnil Sansare (CEO) and Neeti Sansare (Business Development Head) kick started their Divide By Zero journey in 2013 as a bedroom startup with just Rs.5 lakhs turnover in the opening year. The duo became successful in indoctrinating the market which was vague about 3D printing and in turn soared their revenue to Rs.1.25 crore within three years from inception and the team to 20 personnel. Preserving the mint startup touch by sticking on to the technology innovations, the company today manufactures 3D printers made exclusively in India without any external support. “The experts who work with us bring a gamut of experience in inventing machines across different industries in terms of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and prototyping,” asserts Swapnil.

There is no secret recipe behind this success and loyal customer base, but out-of-the-box thinking and catering to the exact needs of customers with comprehensive solutions instead of proffering just the printing facility or a ready-made printer. And this delivery model has proven effective big time in architectural modeling, medical surgery planning, automotive industry, designing industry and many other applications. “We go beyond our limits and provide our customers with solutions rather than selling products,” adds Swapnil.

Solutions to Easiness

Predominantly focusing on industrial printing, Divide By Zero manufactures and provides four models of 3D printers – Accucraft i250+ (professional single extruder 3D printer with build volume of 300 mm×250 mm×200 mm), Accucraft i250D (professional dual extruder 3D printer with build volume of 200 mm×250 mm × 200 mm) , Aion 500 (build volume of 500 mm×500 mm ×500 mm) & Aeqon 400 ( build volume of 300mm x 230mm x 400mm). The flagship Aion 500
works on the patented technology of AFPM (Advance Fusion Plastic Modelling), and is one of the largest build volume sizes in India (it can print half-a-meter sized product) that offers professional & high quality printing at an affordable price point. “Automotive industry can cut down its manufacturing expenses by almost 40 to 50 percent,” adjoins Swapnil. Enlarging its offerings further, Divide By Zero’s 3D printing unit provides 3D printing services at an affordable price to independent designers and creators who send across their designs for print.The recent collaboration with Tata Autocomp has given an edge to Divide By Zero’s 3D printing service unit, as now it works as Tata Autocomp’s 3d Printing Technology Associate.

The New 3D Printing Technology

Remaining bootstrapped and self-funded till date, this Navi Mumbai-based organization has marked its innovative nature in work culture as well. Instead of hiring people who just follow the orders, Divide By Zero is interested in innovators. Over the years, the company has become a better place to grow the career and explore latest technologies, as the employees are provided with utmost freedom to make decisions. The entity is also looking forward to engage more with startups and independent designers who lack solution to facilitate their 3D printing necessities; on the other hand, the company is geared up to launch a new 3D printing technology and is working on more advanced technologies such as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) which is more performance-centric and will make cost more affordable. In order to go for these sky long catches, today, Divide By Zero is actively looking for investors to fund its latest 3D printing technology development cycles.

Key Management:

Swapnil Sansare, Founder & CEO
Swapnil’s obsession towards new technology combined with the strong experience he garnered from Labguard India Pvt. Ltd. became pivotal in starting the venture.

Neeti Sansare, Co-Founder & Business Development Head
She is a strong team leader with ability to manage multiple priorities and meet tight project deadlines, with an experience of more than seven years in PR and Media.