Do Your Thng: Create. Post. Earn.

Ankit Agarwal, FounderAs people have moved away from traditional media and spent more time on social media, trendsetters have moulded into more relatable influencers. These modern influencers are social media personalities with loyal audiences built through regular, direct communication with their followers. At present, the segment of social media influencers is highly chaotic. There are no set rules or precedence. Brands are cautious of collaborating with small influencers and authentic content creators do not know how to reach these brands. Gurugram based Do Your Thng(DYT) is located right at the sweet spot. It offers the content creators an ‘in’ to the market and gives brands the chance to take the guess work out of hiring influencers! “The power to influence people through social media is not just in the hands of few but many. That’s the perspective DYT is bringing in. We are democratizing social media platforms. We want to show the world that the term ‘influencer’ is not just applicable to people who have millions of followers. We give everyone a voice, a voice that counts,” says Ankit Agarwal, Founder.

DYT is an online shared economy platform that connects brands with millions of social media users to democratize influence.
Through the app, it gives active users the chance to earn from their posts by supporting brands, products and issues they believe in. For brands, it provides a secure marketplace to find the right influencers for their product and/or service and get the word out there through paid campaigns. “Today’s customer is smart. They can sniff out a post that screams #ad or #sponsored within seconds. What they look for is genuine promotion. That’s how DYT helps clients. We give them access to online creators who promote and advertise products and services they believe in authentic and trustworthy influencers,” mentions Ankit. DYT’s online campaign gives brands access to lakhs of potential customers through the social media profiles of its community members.

DYT is an online shared economy platform that connects brands with millions of social media users to democratize influence

The Journey
The concept of DYT germinated with the sole idea of creating an online community that inspires, encourages and supports creators to do what they love. It was only during a time when Ankit was in the UK that he realized from his surroundings how nice it would have been to have a place where anyone could live what they love and get rewarded from it. This eventually marked DYT’s beginning. The journey has been an exhilarating one from exciting to harrowing no day is the same. The biggest roadblock that the team encountered initially was finding the right talent at the right place, especially because the team worked remotely. Also, it was quite a task to explain to people the purpose of DYT and its convenience. However, with dedication and will, they soon carved a niche in the industry. “Though we are still in beta phase, we think of it as Beta 2.0 because the learning has been Himalayan. At the start of our launch, we partnered with a few brands as pilots. Those pilot campaigns collated for our feedback, information, data and knowledge, all of it crucial. Currently, we’re implementing it,” he informs.

In the coming years, the team envisions building a safe community. The plan is to have microcommunities of creators thriving within the bigger DYT universe by monetizing their socials. “Think of it as a silken cocoon that enables creators to grab their passion with both hands and run with it, while DYT does the hard work,”he concludes.