Dr Leo: Providing Comfortable & Ecofriendly Options for Baby Essentials

Melethil M. Salim,  CEOPublic knowledge of the hygiene and comfort associated with baby care products drives the industry's growth. Furthermore, India's increasing population of working women contributes significantly to the growth of the baby care goods industry, rendering it one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Various players in the market are continually pushing growth through various marketing campaigns, especially targeting the working woman.

In addition new packaging and authentic organic products with significant health benefits are driving up demand for baby products. Due to increased market awareness and disposable income, the demand for baby care items in India has increased in recent years. The baby care and kidswear segments are constantly evolving, with new categories and products launched consistently. Further, the digital revolution has been a growth enabler for the industry, with 33 percent of women (urban & rural) and 52 percent of urban women having internet access.

Dr Leo kidswear is a care defined brand, and its clothes are made from the finest organic materials, such as cotton, linen, and wool, that provides extra comfort and care to babies. DrLeo kidswear as a brand is a destination for people wanting care and variety in baby garments.
The rising number of consumer safety and security concerns is the biggest market challenge. Side effects of counter feit products such as allergies, infections and contact with chemicals, will further derail the market growth rate. The Indian baby care products market is highly competitive, with various regional and global players holding significant shares and participating in the market's growth.

We've strived to make sure that we deliver what is best for the consumer and with the utmost care

DrLeo kidswear has different garments for babies that tells a different story which connects with them very well. Their baby range combines artisanal craft with high functionality, producing a collection of timeless designs to comfort the baby through the seasons and generations of wear. “The brand has made it possible by bringing international quality standards for affordable prices” says Melethil M. Salim, CEO, Dr Leo Kidswear.

DrLeo Kidswear offers a unique range of clothes, which are tested under strict quality control for the precious ones. From the manufacturing to the delivery, it is made sure that proper measures and quality checks are taken to ensure the perfect delivery, making the consumers feel satisfied and brand loyal. The brand offers Unisex clothes in numerous categories for infants up to kids of 3-4 years. The firm makes it easier and simpler to gift family and friends something they would appreciate at affordable prices. “We've strived to make sure that we deliver what is best for the consumer and with the utmost care” says Melethil.

Promising Quality at Affordable Prices
DrLeo kidswear's team brings a unique shopping experience with innovativeness, quality, and audacity. Shopping with this brand is to shop with the confidence of express delivery wherever the customers are in the world, with the purchases carefully prepared and top quality packaged. The brand offers premium, supersoft clothes to keep the baby rash free and comfortable. Comfortable kids' clothing allows children to be, express their personality, and move freely.

DrLeo Kidswear will continue with quality being their top priority as they take pride in providing premium quality at affordable prices. “With consumers moving towards sustainable and organic fabrics, we are focused on filling the market gap by fulfilling this demand of consumers” speaks Melethil M. Salim.