Dreamsoft Innovations: Delivering Software Engineering Excellence

AR and VR technologies are more like cousins than twins and are all the rage in the media now. With the release of Jio's Holoboard in AGM 2019, lots of people are becoming aware of the huge impact these technologies can have on the consumer section, and thus the demand for these technologies is on the rise. But Jio isn't the single player in the marketplace who is turning up with their AR and VR applications. There are several enterprises in the industry that are competing for the best spot. From a vast pile of software development companies, Dreamsoft Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is the best potential partner you can trust. DSI is an IT startup located in Mangaluru that offers creative solutions for corporations and businesses. The venture takes pride in providing design and development of interactive Augmented & Virtual Reality Applications. Its unparalleled expertise lies in offering gamification, cross-platform app and game development services that people enjoy using. Today, DSI is steering excellence in the industry with 20+ mobile apps & games, 10 AR-VR products and 30+ clients. DSI is incubated at Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management, Mangaluru.

Niche Product Offerings
Debuted in 2019, Dreamsoft has gone above and be-yond, exceeding expectations to build a few niche products for its clients. Sachin Ganesh, Co-Founder & Director, Dreamsoft Innovation, always believe that technology can make a difference in the lives of the people to create a better tomorrow. The journey of Sachin ­ a semi-geek at heart ­ started when he built the first product during his final year of Engineering. Sachin was the founding member of DREAMERS, a team of like-minded people working towards solving socio-economic problems. The idea was born out of the issue faced by the students who were struggling to understand various
concepts in the textbooks. He built an AR-based learning platform wherein he converted traditional textbooks to 3D interactive content. Backed with deeply ingrained passion, constant innovation, and the much-needed push by teammates, Divya Kulal (Co-Founder) and Johnson Tellis (Founder, DREAMERS), Sachin took this product to the next level by participating in an event organized by AICTE.

Sachin Ganesh, Co-Founder & Director ,Divya Kulal, Co-Founder & Director, Sathyaraj, Director

AICTE recognized the product, and the team got an opportunity to showcase the product in an event called Global Innovators Festa in South Korea and became one of the top 10 companies. Sachin and Divya also got an opportunity to participate in an event called Siggraph Asia in Bangkok, which was sponsored by KBITS ­ Government of Karnataka. The duo also participated in another event named Smart Fifty ­ 50 solutions to transform India. Currently, they are recognized as one among the top 50 innovative solutions by IIM Calcutta & DST. After achieving the back-to-back success of these products on the international platform, they started Dreamsoft Innovations, and today they are developing top-notch products and offering services to their clients.

DSI is steering excellence in the industry with 20+ mobile apps & games, 10 AR-VR products and 30+ clients

"AR and VR are still a wow factor. The problem that we are facing is that people are not believing in the tech, and they are not open to trying new things. DSI's goal is to get AR & VR to the mainstream by building innovative products that will be used by the consumers." says Sachin. In the coming years, DSI wants to be recognized as one of the best AR, VR product development companies.