Drive Analytics: Enabling Brands to Further its Proficiency via Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing powered by Artificial Intelligence

The global computer vision market size was valued at USD 10.6 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach approximately USD 48.32 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 31.65%. Computer vision, driven by artificial intelligence, is a technology that trains computers to analyze images with the help of pattern/object recognition. Our world has countless images and videos from the built-in cameras of our mobile devices alone. But while images can include photos and videos, it can also mean data from thermal or infrared sensors and other sources.

Along with a tremendous amount of visual data, the computing power required to analyze the data is now accessible and more affordable. As the field of computer vision has grown with new hardware and algorithms so has the accuracy rates for object identification. With the advent of deep learning techniques, computer vision systems have become more capable of replicating human vision. It is such a part of everyday life you likely experience computer vision regularly even if you don't always recognize when and where the technology is deployed.

Drive Analytics was founded in 2014 by Pradeep, a seasoned IT technocrat with over 20 years of industry experience in Product Development, IT Services, and R&D. Pradeep has vast experience in handling the global delivery of many innovative solutions for 100 esteem customers. His work experience spans IBM research, Sun Microsystems, Verisign, and other successful start-ups. Moreover, Drive Analytics is an artificial intelligence solutions company that excels in semantic analysis of visual data (images and videos) and blending in state-of-the-art text analytics to solve real-world problems for businesses.

Since inception, the company has seen sharp growth and recognition in terms of leading startup competitions such as the Wharton India Business economic forum (top-10, 2016), and then in LetsIgnite the largest conclave of angels and VCs in India (top-1%, 2017). It was also shortlisted for the 1st ever batch of DeepTech start-ups, a mentoring initiative promoted by NASSCOM for meritorious Deep Learning startups.

Drive Analytics specializes in both Computer
Vision and Text Analytics by leveraging the most advanced deep learning techniques. Drive Analytics models are trained on a vast range of datasets for wide applicability to multiple solutions. Drive's offerings to customers are usually wrapped around by an API, enabling rapid development of custom solutions.

In the preceding couple of years, Drive Analytics has developed and delivered a state of the art Natural Language Processing based solution for the Healthcare industry. Analyzing the millions of data points of social media, reports from hospitals, medical records, publications, is a tedious and most often inaccurate task without the computing power of NLP and AI. This is where Drive's solution which is highly accurate and scalable fits in, and it has helped one of the largest Pharmaceutical companies of the world.

Pradeep Janakiraman,Founder & CEO

Additionally, Drive has delivered solutions in the area of Sports Analytics using state of the art Pose Detection, Human Tracking, and Graph Analytics. This solution is able to process 1000s of video clips of baseball videos every single day during the active season and give many accurate data points that were extremely hard, time consuming and error prone to process manually till now.

The company's young and talented engineers are recruited from the best colleges of the country and most of them prefer to work in the lab like setting and rising up to the challenge of tackling hard problems in the space of AI. Drive Analytics was also rated by the largest Internship recruitment portal, Internshala among the Top-3 startups for internships.

Another solution of Drive Analytics in the Recruitment space, where millions of unstructured resumes are required to be analyzed and sorted and mined for matching the job requirements, has been widely adopted. The engineers at Drive Analytics are co-inventors on the patent for this solution filed in both India and U.S.A.

The company's knack for computer vision and artificial intelligence has helped to create the most compelling experience for the customer at every point and opens the business to new high-tech opportunities. Drive Analytics expertise lies in working closely with the customer, and understanding the core pain points, and iteratively delivering the state-of-the-art technical solutions at rapid speed and cost-effective manner.