DroptheQ: The Red Signal for Lengthy Queues

Vaibhav Singhal,Co-founder & CEO

Vaibhav Singhal

Co-founder & CEO

Shopping at stores is no cake walk. Those long wait times and lengthy queues at the billing counters are indeed a tiring deal. Understanding the scenario that people waste several hours standing in the queues, Nikhil Monga, Swati Agarwal, and Vaibhav Singhal conceptualized DroptheQ ­ a mobile app based Omni Channel Platform with integrated digital solutions to save the customer's time, offering an unmatched blend of online convenience and real-time resolution. DroptheQ by Raan Business Solutions is based on a simple principle: time is money. And, the app is designed for optimized transactional flexibility, to create consumer delight and enable cost-effectiveness. It helps users to shop from the associated stores either online from the convenience of their home or from stores using its Contact Less Shopping feature.

One-of-a-kind Service
"They say the customer is God but make them stand in the lengthy queues to pay and even to pick up food," remarks Vaibhav Singhal, Co-founder & CEO. DroptheQ aims to reduce this wastage of time with a single mobile app that integrates a host of service providers, to increase convenience for the end customer and brings loads of Value for the partners. DroptheQ has been engineered to work across all three touchpoints of retail, QSR, corporates and restaurants. This integrated feature is what gives it the edge. Its analytic capabilities also provide rich insights for functional change and faster
decision making. With its parallel modular functionality and ease of use, DroptheQ is all set to save time and money and enhance operational efficiencies.

In specific to retail, DroptheQ acts as a mobile POS and enables consumers to organize and execute their shopping needs without having to wait in long Check Out queues at the store. The platform offers Better Customer retention, Great utilization of floor space, saves time and ensures zero Bill-Out.

"The main feature of this application is contactless shopping, which we have tried to introduce in India. This is a technology where a customer shopping at our partner store can scan the barcode of the selected product, add the product to carts, can generate bills and pay online, and move out without having to stand in the queues. By using technologies like RFID, AI we can completely avoid human intervention," informs Nikhil Monga, Co-Founder.

DroptheQ is engineered to work across all three touchpoints of retail, QSR, corporates, and restaurants

The company believes that technology should work to serve people and to maximize their convenience. The masterminds decided to invest in technology for saving our precious time. The digital platform is striving to transcend the ordinaries of the Retail industry and QSR Services. And, offers cost-efficient beneficiaries both for the customer and for the stores, restaurants, or canteens. The company has proven to be the best in Innovation & Uniqueness. And, it is associated with multiple brands, such as All in Healthy Living, Dasaprakash, Nirula's, Nathu's, Brown Sugar Café, Organic India, MotiMahal, JAKSON among others.

"Right now we are operational in Noida and Greater Noida. We want to expand to complete NCR within Q1 of 2021. We are also acquiring many corporate cafeterias and canteens in educational institutions where they can manage the crowd, which is the need of the hour in the pandemic condition. In the next financial year, we'll start targeting tier 2 cities and state capitals like Lucknow, Jaipur, Kanpur, Udaipur, and others," mentions Vaibhav.

Speaking about the technology advancements, Nikhil further adds, "In the next few months, we'll improve on the technology (RFID, AI, and Presence Detection) and automate every aspect of shopping making it a complete contactless process from entry to exit. We also look forward to several other innovations and feature augmentations."