Drutha Technologies: Partnering with Startups on their Journey to Success

Ravi Santhanapalli,Co-Founder & CEO

Ravi Santhanapalli

Co-Founder & CEO

It is no more a Gen X era as we see more millennial taking on the role of entrepreneurs founding new and outstanding enterprises, increasingly around technology. While they have innovative idess, they are new to technology and the task of developing several processes such as the company’s strategy, roadmap and solution architecture can be daunting. While many IT firms choose to join hands with mammoth companies, Drutha Software Technologies was incepted in 2011 with a vision to partner with the startups and SMEs on their journey tosuccess. With a team that has decades of experience in IT industry across diverse technologies (e-Commerce & mobile) and domains (telecom & retail), Drutha endows startups and SMEs with much needed IT senior management experience bundled with its development services.

Drutha helps startups define their requirements, design and develop the solution to fit their business needs. “We often deal with ideas at their inception and work with startups to discuss, review and
critique their business model and advice them how to effectively leverage IT in their business. The partnership with our client is so deep, we have even taken equity stake in one of our clients’ company” says Ravi Sathanapalli, CEO &Co- Founder, Drutha Software Technologies. The company serves various sectors including e-Commerce, Data Analytics, Enterprise Applications and Mobile Apps, leveraging open source technologies to help its clients keep their costs manageable. The company builds its core values of agility and flexibility into its process and partner with clients’ to work on their issues,whether it is in payment terms or taking additional risks, so that they don’t have to; thereby justifying the name Drutha, a Sanskrit word that translates to swift, active and fluid.

The Rapid Growth

Incepted by Raghu Sathanapalli, Ravi Sathanapalli, and Nagalakshmi Subramanian in 2011,Drutha now stands tall as the partner of choice to provide outsourced CTO function and outsource software development to the startups and SMEs. Drutha started its journey with two developers and with in no timethe company has grown to a team of fifteen along with a vast network of external consultants who are experts in various sectors such as e-Commerce, Data Analytics, Mobile Applications and Enterprise Applications and can be leveraged on a short notice . With Raghu Onshore and Ravi in India, Drutha provides strong management cover, giving clients the confidence in its delivery.
At present, the company is developing a variety of game related apps built on Smartfox Server, a multiplayer game server, and Unity a game development platform among others technologies. Druthaha’s recently launched a mobile game development platform called PlayZ app (arguably world’s first platform that will enable the real-time knock out and tournaments) which was selected by Surge as an Alpha Startup. Drutha has expertise in various cross platform app development frameworks such as Cordova/Iconic Framework & Titanium amongst others and also in Mobile Backend as a service’s (mBass) such as Parse.

Opportunities Galore

With an open culture, a friendly atmosphere and a challenging & satisfying work environment, Drutha offers great opportunities for Drutha-ites to take additional responsibilities, grow and enjoy a fruitful career.The company believes in hiring at a junior level and letting them grow in the organization rather than hiring laterally.

Drutha is currently divided into two divisions: Services and Product &Solutions. Besides focusing on IoT, Big Data and Text Analytics, Drutha also plans to partner with a UK-based company to build an integrated mobile app offering that wouldsimplify the airline and cruise ship operations. The Hyderabad headquartered company is all set to unbolt its marketing offices all over India and globally according to the requirement.