E Scientia Laboratory Essentials: Premium Quality Microbiology & QC Testing Products & Services Provider

Omkaranath B, Business Director
Omkaranath B
Business Director

The current growth of pharmaceutical and biopharma domains, technical know-how, strong expertise and an illustrious client base remains the driving force behind the inception E Scientia Laboratory Essentials. ESLE, an ISO 9001:2015 BIQS certified. E Scientia LE is a premier Microbiology and Quality Control products and services provider catering to Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries. The company marked its beginning into Life science product trading backed with 10 years of domain experience, market exposure, geographical coverage and strong networking.

Since inception E Scientia LE has been focusing on quality products, timely services and proper training. “At E Scientia LE, user requirements are handled with utmost commitment and care matching the specifications and regulatory requirements of the user. Being accessible and technical know-how makes us unique among all the players and closer to our clients,” speaks Omkaranath B, Business Director, E Scientia Laboratory Essentials.

Collaboration and Innovative Techniques for Better Productivity
Team E Scientia LE believes in
helping companies improve productivity and encourage modernization through collaboration and innovative evolution. With the same thought, the company offers Microbiology quality control product portfolio to pharmaceutical, biopharma and academic institutes. Their product portfolio includes Microbial Ready to Use Culture Media, Recombinant BET reagents, Cleanroom Products, Disposable plasticware, Glass ware, Disinfectants & Foggers, Biological & Chemical indicators, Liquid Handling products, Laboratory equipment like LAF, Autoclaves, Incubators, Biosafety Cabinets, Centrifuges, Freezers, Ovens, Peristaltic Pumps, Refrigerators, Temperature Measurement Products, Water Baths, amongst others.

" E Scientia LE has collaboration with global leaders and Indian MNCs for their respective product portfolio promotion and that makes them a one stop choice for all Microbiology, Quality Control requirements"

The company has collaboration with global leaders and Indian MNCs for their respective product portfolio promotion and that makes them a one stop choice for all Microbiology, Quality Control requirements. With thorough pharmaceutical and life science domain knowledge and sufficient information of the market condition and consumer requirements, the team delivers superior relevant products, services, trainings for the clients.

In addition to this, the team brings to the table the benefits of advanced technologies, sophisticated products from world class companies to innovate, more
regulatory compliance to the clients to help them with increased productivity and modernization in work flow. “We offer Hyglosre combinant BET reagents using Fluorescent reader which is advanced and promising alternative to conventional LAL (extracted from Horse Shoe Crabs, which is near extinction). This latest innovation saves time, offers highest sensitivity and better specificity for crucial Quality Control test i.e. Bacterial Endotoxin Test for pharmaceutical drugs saving lot of Horse Shoe Crabs and human lives,” he says.

Till date, the company has worked with big names including Dr Roddy’s Laboratories, Natco Pharmaceuticals, Hetero Laboratories, MSN Laboratories, Sanzyme, Suven Life Sciences, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Biological E, Neuland Laboratories, Piramal, amongst others.

Endorsing the culture of employee first and encouraging utmost team spirit, E Scientia LE has a dynamic work atmosphere which contributes to their constant growth. Taking into account the current market conditions and future growth projection, the company is projecting a promising positive up trend to its clients, stake holders & employees. “We have plans and strategies in place for coming five years with respect to scale up, expansion, geographical coverage. Our immediate development plan is expanding our operation to South India with establishing regional offices,” adds Omkaranath. The company is cautiously adding new principals and channel partners across India making their products, services accessible to more clients.