Earbor: Empowering Businesses with Data-Driven Decisions

Ram Patibandla,  Chief Technology Officer

Ram Patibandla

Chief Technology Officer

Profit has become the sole purpose of most businesses today. Several organizations today provide all-in-one business solutions. This may not be suitable for everyone as every enterprise has unique needs and challenges. The need of the hour is a business that looks at the needs, pain points, and objectives of a client and then delivers a tailored solution.

Enter EARBOR, a fast growing IT and digital technology solution and service provider that thinks about customers first and profits next. The company was established by Ram Patibandla and Prasad Bollineni, the managing directors of the company. EARBOR strongly believes that one size-fits-all solutions are inadequate and work only as a quick fix. Instead, the firm advocates custom or tailored solutions.

Founded in 2021, EARBOR specializes in WMS/ERP services, e-Commerce platform hosting, data science & analytics, mobile applications, and e-Commerce integrations. The company’s core product is the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and its team is currently working on taking it live. EARBOR’s WMS has an array of features that companies can pick and choose as per their requirements. From inventory tracking to shipping, the company’s tool has it all covered.

Manage Warehouse Efficiently
The company has partnered with Marketing Alternatives (MAI) to help develop its WMS. In the food industry, it is partnered with The
J.M. Smuckers Company and The Farmer Brothers Company to build its Service/ Dispatch software. They have also tied up with a custom e-commerce B2B platform for Great Northern. Apart from these global companies, it has also partnered with WE ITTC to develop the e-commerce platform: I WE KART. This platform is built to enable person to person commerce for women entrepreneurs. It removes the barriers of regions, empowering women to sell their products and services across the globe.

With highly proficient executives & a passion-driven team, EARBOR strive to help businesses reach their true potential by offering them the right solution at the right time

“With highly proficient executives and a passion driven team, we strive to help businesses reach their true potential by offering them the right solution at the right time", states Ram Patibandla.

Use Data to Make Decisions
EARBOR is also known for its BI and data analytics tools. The company recognized the importance of data science and analytics long back. EARBOR believes that there is a huge scope for the application of data science in almost any field in India, especially in 2023 and the years to come, be it banking, cyber security, financial institutions, education and healthcare sectors, big data organizations or even small scale enterprises. EARBOR takes pride in its ability to understand, adapt and meet the growing needs of its clients. The firm is on-point when it comes to launching successful data driven decisions and integration solutions with the help of emerging technologies and solution methodologies.

By deploying EARBOR’s solutions, clients can increase sales and customer loyalty. Businesses can increase the number of customers or users, and build reputation, and brand popularity while reducing marketing and personnel costs.

The company is currently in the process of developing an integrated ERP/ WMS/e-Commerce platform for small to medium companies (B2B, B2C, D2C, B2G). EARBOR is a completely custom built integrated solution that it can customize it to its client's needs. The firm focuses on providing fully integrated cloud based applications for small and medium companies for effective management of direct commerce.

For the future EARBOR will continue to work towards digital transformation in supply chain management. They have plans to onboard New Clients to Warehouse Management System. The company will build transport management systems in the days to come. EARBOR is also looking to expand Current CRM and Mobile Applications.