Echo Fuels: Redefining India's Energy Industry with Exclusive Doorstep Diesel Delivery

 Sarthak Jain, Co-Founder,  Ankit Jain, Director

Sarthak Jain, Co-Founder

Ankit Jain, Director

Diesel doorstep delivery has gained prominence in India since the last few years. However, in the North Eastern part of India, this is a relatively new concept. Doorstep delivery of diesel via online method enables access to fuel at a convenient location, lowers transportation costs, and ensures prompt and hassle-free delivery.

An idea springing out of a coffee session, Echo Fuels has created a niche for itself as a trusted solutions provider when it comes to procuring High-Speed Diesel (HSD). The company’s focus has been towards making HSD easily accessible to the masses with the utmost quality standards and service experience. Today, the organization is prospering under the valuable mentorship and guidance of Shripal Jain and Bhagchand Jain.

“After overcoming numerous challenges in developing a robust ecosystem, our start-up flourished with revenue of one billion Indian rupees in its first year. Our fundamental value is to be the greatest solution provider for doorstep diesel delivery, and our aim is to be the market leader in this category. Our goal is to be the preferred brand for doorstep diesel delivery throughout India”, says Sarthak Jain, Director at Echo Fuels.

"Due to our competency in service deliver ability, we have garnered a reputable presence in the industry today and mostly due to word of mouth. While the quality of the product and service has been the primary focus, we decided to use our best promotional tool, our one-of-a-kind bowsers. Wherever our browsers visit, their mere presence generates publicity”, adds Amit Jain, Director at Echo Fuels.
Echo Fuels originated from a picturesque and beautiful place called Guwahati, Assam. It is a bustling city in India's North Eastern region where industrial growth has long been imperative. The company's endeavor to establish itself here was to create opportunities for people, empower them, and make a positive impact on the region's industrial map.

“We have a terrific team that engages us in brainstorming to assist us come up with novel concepts. Unlike our competitors, we have a large fleet of mobile dispensing units and a much wider spread to execute the distribution work. We feel that every person is unique and has perspectives that are worth noting. Each person excels at something that the other does not. So, when all of the heads come together, we take the best of everyone's ideas/perspectives and make the best decision for the organization”, signifies Ankit Jain, Director of the company.

Sarthak Jain, Director; Ankit Jain, Director; Amit Jain, Director; Rohit Jain, CEO; Vaibhav Jain, Director

“Echo Fuels is also outfitted with cutting-edge technology that aids in the treatment of any malady during the teething stage, providing complete client satisfaction. Echo Fuels' bowsers are equipped with the most up-to-date Geo-tagging and Geo-fencing technology to ensure timeliness and discipline", states Rohit Jain, CEO of the company.

“We at Echo Fuels believe that leadership is not about being the best. Leadership is about making everyone else better. In this regard, we have implemented a flat organizational structure in which every employee is heard and respected. We encourage our employees to identify with the organization's vision and mission and to actively contribute towards making the company a better place to work. We believe that social/soft skills are important in the service business. To that end, we have established a training department to ensure that our employees are properly trained and adhere to the company's principles from the start”, states Vaibhav Jain, Director of the company.

The company's next goal is to expand beyond the North East and reach across India's four corners. Echo Fuels wants to establish itself as a chosen partner for doorstep diesel delivery service across India.