Eckovation: Making Quality Education Available to All

Ritesh Singh, CEO & Co-Founder,Akshat Goel, CTO & Co-Founder

Ritesh Singh, CEO & Co-Founder

Akshat Goel, CTO & Co-Founder

Ritesh Singh, an IIT graduate started his corporate stint with Bosch, a leading name in the engineering industry a couple of years ago. Gradually monotony crept in and he decided to leave his lucrative job and follow his passion – the one which begun from IIT Delhi campus. Hailing from Chapra, a tier 3 city in the state of Bihar, Ritesh was never aware of the diversions that were taking place in the educational landscape of the country until he went to pursue higher education. He noticed that though the education system is considered to be the cornerstone of country’s growth & prosperity, it has numerous loopholes & various constraints in terms of providing quality education. Deeply triggered by the failure of the education system, Ritesh with his friend Akshat decided to bring some revolutionary changes in the educational landscape. “We started off with an NGO firm in the third year of engineering to help the students with learning process imbibing with technology but failed at our first attempt but never lose hope. After quitting our jobs, we conducted a thorough
research to understand the people
needs and learning behaviour. Finding that as technology has helped people to get digitally literate,we came up with a social learning platform based on the mobile app, ensuring to provide quality education. Thus, Eckovation came into existence,”speaks Ritesh Singh, CEO & Co-Founder, Eckovation.

With the power of digital & education technology, Eckovation not only plans to have its presence across geographies but also wants to build a scalable technology that can be penetrated across the globe

Communicate. Enhance. Innovate
The journey of Eckovation was exhilarating. Initially started off with identifying a common solution, Eckovation came up with a unique concept of “Contextualization of Education.” Through its extraordinary mobile app based platform, it tries to bring in quality educators along with enabling the use of digital marketing to outreach the students across the nation. The company assures the teachers to form a learning group and deliver the best output. Moreover, leveraging the contextualization process through the use of AI & Big Data, Eckovation concentrates on ‘Quality & Quantity’ results. The platform today offers its services in two distinct ways, i.e.,for the
teachers & the learners.For the
teaching community, it enables a
provision where by they can create a learning group, engage more students and gain profitable results by promoting themselves. And for the learner’s community, it helps the learners to choose their own teachers. With its unique application similar to WhatsApp, the company fortifies to meet all the education & learning needs along with teachers-students-parents involvement.“Through our application, we are trying to bring in the concept of collaborative education and are focused to make a lasting impact in the lives of our users and stakeholders,”avers Akshat Goel, CTO & Co-Founder, Eckovation.

Reaching the Masses
Established in 2015, Delhi based Eckovation endeavours to reach the masses with its free products & services. With a 30 member team, the company empowers to develop technology cycle along with ensuring quality education to all. With strategic partnership with schools & institutions, Eckovation has also raised rounds of investments from angel & other investors. Presently having its branches in Patna, Bhubaneswar & Chandigarh and having 50,000+ user base, it has users from US, London & others. With the power of digital & education technology, Eckovation not only plans to have its presence across geographies but also wants to build a scalable technology that can be penetrated across the globe. Explaining on its future plans, Ritesh concludes, “Our target is to reach 10 million users within a span of two years and are also expecting to have 10x YoY growth, captivated with sustainable and engaged users.”